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Lisa Messenger

CEO of Messenger Group and Editor in Chief of The Collective
Lisa Messenger is the Owner and Creative Director of The Messenger Group and has worked globally in events, sponsorship, marketing, PR and publishing. Author, publisher and editor in chief of The Collective Magazine, Lisa encourages entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation. Lisa is now using her unique marketing talents and innovative approach with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and people all over the globe.

Home is…
Birchgrove, NSW

What do you do?
I’m CEO of The Messenger Group and Founder, Publisher and Editor in Chief of the Messenger.

Best piece of career advice you have received?
Fail Fast and Anything’s Possible

How important is it to you to trust your intuition in life?
I always go 95% on gut and intuition.

Favourite holiday destination and why?
Necker Island – I was recently lucky enough to spend four and a half days on Necker with Richard Branson – it is the most extraordinary place I have ever been by far. Aside from being in Richard’s home which is a playground of everything imaginable, it is filled with rare and amazing animals from 150 flamingos to 30 Lima’s and Brutus the tortoise who roams freely around the island.

What is your most treasured item in your wardrobe and why?
I am a bit obsessed with anything by Aelkemi at the moment – its just so edgy and unexpected 

You’ve been a finalist three times for Telstra Business Woman of the Year, congratulations. How do you measure success in your career?
As long as I have freedom and choice, that is success

You grew up in the country, how do you think that has shaped you as an adult?
I think the country is extremely grounding.  All the neighbors knew one another and supported each other. It gave me a huge sense of community and a down to earth attitude.

As the director and publisher of magazine The Renegade Collective, who, living or dead, would you most like to interview?
I’ve been fortunate enough to interview two of my biggest person influencers over the past six months – Martha Stewart and Richard Branson.  I really want to get in front of Angelina Jolie next.

What sets Renegade Collective apart from other magazine titles in what many call a tough time for print?
That it is filled with inspiration and makes entrepreneurship, creativity and business attainable through every day real stories that include the how to’s.

How will The Collective stay true to its readers and not be pressured by advertising dollar?
That’s the only way to run a business these days.  Do that, and the dollars will follow.

Your perfect day would consist of…
exactly what I’m doing now. Meeting extraordinary people, travelling the world and inspiring others to live their best life. No day is ever the same.

  • As the CEO of the Messenger Group, you’ve thrown a lot of events! Who’s your caterer you can count on to impress your guests?
  • Tim Brenan at Gallivant Catering is the ultimate professional with incredible attention to detail. Gallivant is a boutique caterer who create experiences that are beautiful and unique. Nothing is too much trouble