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Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris

Co-Founders of Hunting For George
Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris are the sister duo behind Hunting for George. They began Hunting for George with a desire to create an online space that offered more than the norm. Kicking things off in 2010 in Jo's spare room, yup, classic start up story, they started with a small selection of products and opened One year in and with a far more impressive number of brands on board, they began to flirt with the idea of creating their own range of products. The first product HFG ever made was the 'Oh the places you'll go' print. Quickly scribbled onto paper by Lucy, this print was and still is one of their most loved and best selling products. The success of their print designs gave Lucy and Jo a new found confidence and they began to expand their collection to include handmade clocks, pure cotton bed linen, textile accessories and most recently Australian Made furniture.

Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris

Home is…
Richmond, Victoria

What do you do?
We make your home awesome!

Can you briefly tell us the Hunting for George Story? Where did the idea come about and how has it grown in the last 5 years?
Hunting for George has been making homes awesome since 2010. What began in a spare room has now expanded into an established and widely admired online homeware destination. We set out with a clear goal in mind; to create an online space that offered you more. Craving engagement with their customers, the duo quickly began to develop engaging ways to interact with their audience. With personality a key focal point, Hunting for George also celebrates it’s dedication to quality, customer service and style.

After five years in business, Hunting for George was recently nominated as a finalist in the Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAs) for Best Small Online Retailer. With a new and improved website on the way, an exciting new concept that will involve a big party and Christmas fast approaching we are ramping up to some very exciting new instalments. Stay tuned.

Describe the Hunting for George brand in 3 words…

Lucy: Inspire. Design. Home.

Jo: Fun. Real. Us.

We love the new ‘Moody Blues’ range. How involved do you get in the design and production process? Where do you go for inspiration?
We are involved in the entire process of our products. From the initial concepts and design right through to the production.

We like to get together before each collection and highlight images, colours, textures and concepts that we’ve collected. We don’t like to filter anything too quickly but rather share as many ideas as possible and gradually refine what resonates the most. Our ideas are often shaped by the mood we are in, what music we are listening to or what trends we are following overseas.

Lucy then takes our concepts and brings them into the design stage. From there we can pick and choose what patterns and colours are working well together and we form a clearer idea of what the collection will be.

What interior trends should we expect to see next?
Colour is definitely the hero next season. We’re celebrating the vibrancy of the Australian Summer with a really fun and bright collection. Think neon pink, bright blue and emerald green!

Where is the best place for brunch in Melbourne?
We tend to bypass brunch and hold out for a late lunch at Botherambo. Champagne and dumplings just 20m from the office, there actually is nothing better than that.

(65 Swan St, Richmond 3121. 03 9428 9730)

What is the best thing about going into business with family? Are there any challenges?
Whilst we are family, we are still quite different personalities and we balance each other out really well. If one of us is down, the other is always there to prop you up. Perhaps that’s a sister thing, but it’s great to have that unconditional support in business.

When I’m not working, I’m…

Lucy: Sleeping

Jo: Doing the school run

What’s your party trick?

Lucy: I can clap with one hand

Jo: I can drink a glass of red in under 10 seconds flat

Describe your dream holiday…

Jo: Beach. Sun. No reception.

Lucy: What she said

  • Between the busy demands at work and running around after the kids after hours, it must nice to get dressed up for a night out! Who’s your make up artist for events?
  • Mecca Cosmetica South Yarra for a make over before a night out. Ask for Marna, but book ahead as she’s in demand!