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Marie De Vera & Sarah Gonsalves

Co-Founders, The Style Co
Sarah and Marie run event design studio The Style Co, the much sought-after stylists for the who’s who of Melbourne and beyond. Creating stunning ‘Insta-worthy’ event spaces and details – proven in their near 60k followers – Marie and Sarah focus on creative experiential events and they’re on a not-so-secret mission to free the world of chair covers and sashes.

Marie De Vera and Sarah Gonsalves

Home is…
Cremorne, Melbourne Victoria

What do you do?
We’re the owners of The Style Co.!

Describe the design and style of your own dream event…
Marie: one long beautifully styled dining table in the middle of a beautiful outdoor space far away from the craziness of the city, clear skies, an abundance of good food, an awesome band and great company.
Sarah: A multi-story warehouse that guests make their way through experiencing a different sensory delight through each level, ultimately ending up on the rooftop with an epic cheese station and an amazing DJ!

The Style Co. is known for its stunning weddings. What advice do you have for brides to be on their big day?
Marie/Sarah: Relax and leave the running of the day to the professionals.  Enjoy every moment  and don’t let anything/anyone ruin it for you.

What’s your favourite magazine and online site/blog for inspiration?
Marie: Pinterest… an endless reel of some of the world’s most beautiful images.
Sarah: I love Pinterest. It’s free of random in your face ads and allows you to easily browse through an amazing pool of content, drawing inspiration from so many categories like food, fashion, interiors, graphic design and architecture.

What is your favourite flower?
Marie: It changes often… At the moment and probably because it’s in season, Magnolia
Sarah: Phalaenopsis orchid. I love the delicateness of it, the pronunciation and occasionally spelling it correctly too!

Most overused phrase?
Marie: Keep calm and….
Sarah: I love it but ….

What did you think your career would be when you were a child?
Marie: An Astronaut or a Top Gun pilot
Sarah: A Psychologist

Your current favourite trends for weddings?
Marie: Muted pastel tones with a Scandinavian feel
Sarah: Reject all trends and just doing what feels right for each couple and their guests.

What has been the best and worst (if any!) thing about being in business business with a friend?
Marie: All the fun on the way.. some days we think to ourselves “what the **** have we gotten ourselves into!?” …but usually those moments make the best memories and we laugh about them later.
Sarah: The ability to be brutally honest with each other is probably the best and worst thing about working with each other. We spend A LOT of time together and know exactly how the other one thinks so being honest saves a whole bunch of time and makes for some pretty funny jokes especially in tricky situations.

What are your top 3 tips for party styling on a budget?
- Limit the amount of area/s to style so you can concentrate on a few key features rather than trying to spread your budget across a large space and run the risk of the whole event looking underdone.
- Choose a cost effective material or item and use it on mass to create a great feature
- Select a venue/location that already has a bit of character, this way all you’re doing is enhancing its features rather than needing to transform it.

What are your top tips and/or Apps for staying organised?
Marie/Sarah: We swear by Basecamp, Google Calendar and Wunderlist and use them religiously for the business and our personal lives.

  • You’re the go-to stylists for Australia’s celebs and influencers, who’s your number one videographer you trust to capture their events?
  • Humdrum Films are hands down the best videographers we have ever come across!