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Megan Morton creates atmospheres that make people obscenely happy. She has been called on to style, design and work her `house whispering' magic for celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, magazines and her next-door neighbours. Her work has been featured on the covers of international glossies including Elle Decoration UK and Vanity Fair. In Australia her clients include Vogue Living, In Style and Inside Out magazines. Megan works around the edges of many disciplines; she is prolific, passionate and happy to share her knowledge far and wide. In her latest venture, The School Megan runs styling masterclasses (with the help of other specially selected craftspeople), giving adults and kids insights into the coveted worlds of craft, styling and design.

Home is…
Sydney. I recently moved into a small place to be near a big ocean.

What do you do?
Help others understand the beauty around them.

Hardly anyone knows I….
Suffer athlete’s foot even though I am a stylist, not an athlete! 

What book, piece of music, blog, quote or person inspires you the most?
I don’t subscribe to blogs. I can’t. I would not get out of bed – even in winter! As I work in deliberate atmospheres I love the real life happenstance of things like live radio and imperfections in real time. 

Do you have any advice for someone in a major design rut?
Get off the web and see the trees again. 

Your favourite class to date at The School and why?
My masterclass. People get magic and mojo at this class, and lots of new businesses and services have developed from them. It’s a real slap on the thigh, as we like to call it.

Paper or digital?
Both please.

Where do you stand on host gifts when you attend a dinner party, event etc?
I love to give things. I constantly buy people useless beautiful things and courier them to their work place. Items such as wooden toothbrushes, colanders in great colours and limited edition nail polishes are amongst my faves.

Zen moment…
Yoga pose number 24. 

What three home-related products would you love to have in your adobe…
1. An ice cream maker
2. An in-house laundress (I have three children and despise laundry duties)
3. A new linen press where all my beach towels are one colour and all my bath towels another for instant identification.

What’s next?
Who knows but I already can’t wait. 

  • You love to rehash old furniture and make it beautiful again, who’s your upholsterer?
  • Dean from Warwick Upholstery. He was taught by a beautiful (now retired) man who he bought his business and workshop from. I like his old fashioned head for service.