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Founder of Makeup Free Me
Merissa Mathew is the founder of Makeup Free Me, a movement seeking to empower women to develop and nurture positive body image. Merissa, still young in her career was climbing the corporate ladder for companies which included The Hawthorn Football Club, The Big Issue, Karndean Design Flooring and STIHL, when something stirred up internally to make a difference in society.Not knowing exactly what that looked like, she said a prayer asking for direction in her life and it was at that moment that the idea for a makeup free day came about. In late 2012 Makeup Free Me was born. Dramatic but true! WY? caught up with Merissa to chat all things inner beauty and what inspired her to start this positive Makeup Free Me movement…

Home is?
Doncaster East, Melbourne

What do you do?
I’m the founder of Makeup Free Me, a movement seeking to champion positive body image in our society

I wish I knew how to…
Swim. I know, that’s shameful right? I know I shouldn’t be but I’m embarrassed to go for swimming lessons now as an adult.

What is your most favourite item in your home?
That definitely has to be my hair straightener. I have thick, long, black hair which is down to my waist now and my wonderful straightener keeps it manageable.

My favourite cafe in Melbourne is…and why?
I recently attended an event at a new café on Guildford Lane (Melbourne), Krimper Cafe. I fell in love immediately. Not only is the food and coffee divine but the Krimper staff are just beautiful. It’s a must visit.

What did you think your dream job was before your dream job found you?
Private Investigator. My cousins, sister and I used to have an investigating club when we were kids. Oh, childhood memories.

How did you become interested in the topic of inner beauty?
My Christian faith has helped me recognise that my beauty is not founded in my outward appearance but rather what’s within. I’m personally on a journey in discovering my value in who I am rather than what I look like. 

I’m reading…
Now Discover your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham. Insightful read!

What will be your hardest/most favourite item of make up to give up for Makeup Free Me?
People say I have big eyes but oh how I will miss my eyeliner on August 30th.

Tell us three reasons why we should go make up free on August 30th…
1.     Individually we are making a statement that we personally believe that beauty is more than just skin deep
2.     Together we are creating a movement of people who are championing positive body image in our society
3.     We are raising funds for the Butterfly Foundation who help Australians suffering from negative body image and eating disorders 

Join Merissa, the WY? team and a host of Australian celebrities and influencers next Friday 30thof August to go makeup free for the day… All funds raised will go directly to the Butterfly Foundation who support Australians with negative body image and eating disorders.

  • There is no one better than Baby Thomas – awesome name, awesome food! He also owns Ragam Indian Restaurant in Doncaster. Trust Baby for delicious, authentic Indian food.