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Founder of Moxie
In 2005, Mia started her company, Millie & More with her business partner after an off-the-cuff crazy idea they had to package tampons in tins so they wouldn’t roll around in a women’s handbag…Simply Genius! Six months later, Moxie tampons (in cute recyclable tins!) was born.

Fast forward six years and Millie & More now have roughly a dozen lines in their range of Moxie feminine hygiene products which are sold in retailers across Australia and internationally. What clever idea will this pair think of next?

Mia Klitsas

Home is?

What do you do?
Founder of Moxie

What’s been your proudest career achievement since launching Moxie?
I feel really fortunate that Moxie has earned its place and grown in what has been a really volatile retail environment over the last few years. A lot of people said I wouldn’t make it when I first started and so I guess I’m proud to say that I’m still here!

What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt along the way?
Don’t let other people tell you or try to convince you that you can’t do it or aren’t good enough.

Favourite fashion designer?
Oh, my other secret passion! Australian designers I love include, Willow, Scanlan & Theodore and Bassike. Internationally I adore Alexander McQueen, Carven, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Givenchy and Eddie Borgo for accessories.

Beauty product you can’t live without?
Skinceuticals B5 hydrating gel. I ran out the other day and was in quite a state over it!

Every woman should own?
A great pair of killer heels and good quality, well-fitting bras.

What do you do to relax?
I love lazy, sunny weekends where I can just lay in a park with a stack of magazines and a Slurpee and just switch off. In the cooler months it’s a couch, blanket, magazines and green tea!

Who’s your mentor?
I wouldn’t say I have a mentor as such but I’m inspired by so many people for different reasons. There’s my business partner for being gutsy enough to go into business with someone as young and inexperienced as I was – he has taught me a lot about marketing; my dad, who started his own business when he was really young and showed me that it’s ok to go with your gut and the women that buy our products and send me beautiful e-mails to express their thanks. It’s so nice (and re-assuring) to hear such positive words from other women – it makes my job all the more rewarding.

What are you googling?
The Coveteur (obsessed with this), sugar-free breakfast recipes and nymag.com

Favourite birthday?
You must have heard about our MoxieHQ birthday parties! The best to date was probably my 29th birthday where I arrived at work to find an Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatter’s tea party in full swing – complete with scones, pastries and lots of other delicious treats. The Moxie team all dressed up as different characters – it was madness but such great fun.

Please tell us your top 5 must-have’s/What you can’t live without?
-       Skinceuticals B5 hydrating gel
-       Plain white t-shirts. I’ll wear them for any occasion, with anything.
-       My stash of Moxie products
-       QV lip balm with SPF 30+
-       Green tea in Winter and pear cider in Summer

Must-have contacts in your address book…

There is an excellent cobbler in the city that I’ve been visiting for years, he’s the only man I trust to look after my favorite heels!

Steve at Rekaris Shoes
290 Russell street
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9663 4669

  • I have been visiting the gorgeous Yasmin and her team at neoSKiN for around five years now after a recommendation from a friend. neoSKiN have incredible staff, amazing service and the treatments are second-to-none. I have a facial every three-four weeks to keep my somewhat temperamental skin at bay and I also use their own brand of sunscreen every morning.