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Michael Brown

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert
As a makeup artist for 10 years who has worked on the faces of some of the world’s most beautiful women, Michael Brown knows a thing or two about beauty! As a presenter on Channel 9 Mornings, Michael hosts weekly segments of beauty tips and tricks, as well as writing for beauty website RESCU.com.au. In between his presenting, writing and creating beautiful looks for celebrity faces, Michael is also St. Tropez’s Skin Finishing Expert and Celebrity Tanner.

Michael Brown

Home is…
Waterloo, Sydney NSW

What do you love doing when you go home to Perth?
I love relaxing and spending quality time with my family! They live near the beach and I love the laid back lifestyle, so it’s nice and chilled.

Best place in Sydney for breakfast?
It would have to be Four Ate Five on Crown St, Surry Hills

Favourite holiday destination and why?
Any holiday is a good one… I love Paris because of the architecture, food and style, but I go to Bali a lot just to relax and enjoy the amazing beach clubs and restaurants.

Spring Summer is fast approaching, what are the upcoming makeup trends we should look out for?
Skin is still a huge focus, making skin look real with a very fresh approach. Stained lips and cheeks, rather than looking too polished and ‘just applied’, lived in rawness is key to looking natural and not overdone.

What are your top tips for avoiding dreaded self-tan marks on feet, hand and knees?
It really is all about keeping your skin moisturized, the more moisture in your skin, the smoother the tan applies as well as extends the lifespan of the tan.

What is your favourite product in the St. Tropez tan range and why?
My most used product is the instant tan as it’s a great quick fix product to instantly add colour to the skin, which is great for my work at photo shoots. But my favourite new product is the New Luxe Dry Oil – being oil it has a luxurious texture that is so nourishing, and adds great bronze sheen to the skin. It’s so good!

When it comes to brow shaping, what method do you prefer?
For me its plucking.. I feel you can get a more accurate shape, great for designing the perfect shape hair by hair, not by chunks. Waxing can pull the skin and you have to be careful not to get wax on a random hair that you may actually need. I have heard threading is very painful and tattoo is risky -I would be scared of being stuck with the one shape for too long.

You’ve worked with some famous faces such as Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Hawkins, whose makeup would you most like to do next and why?
I have worked with a lot of celebrities involved in social or fashion status, but I would love to work on a performer, just purely for the creativity, someone like Beyonce, Katy Perry or Rhianna.

  • You’re always looking so stylish and sharp, who is your tailor?
  • I love the work done by Tamara at My Private Tailor, they always make every outfit that little bit better, not everyone can buy straight off the rack, so a little nip and tuck is all it takes to look fabulous, these guys just get the body and how an outfit should look.