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Michelle Doherty

Co-owner and Director of Alpha-H
Michelle Doherty is the co-owner and Director of cosmeceutical skincare brand Alpha-H. After suffering chronic cystic acne in her younger years, Michelle was in search of a skincare range to save her skin. After stumbling upon Alpha-H in the brand’s infancy, Michelle was so impressed by the results she joined the brand and spread the word. Considered a global leader in corrective and preventative skincare, Alpha-H’s best selling resurfacing treatment Liquid Gold has become a cult beauty classic for 25 years.

Michelle Doherty

Home is…
Sanctuary Cove, Queensland

What do you do?
Create award-winning cosmeceutical skincare

Your last splurge was on…
I rewarded myself recently with a Prada handbag.

What does beauty mean to you?
Feeling confident in my own skin, loving who I am and not wanting to ‘be’ anyone else.

Congratulations! You recently were awarded Gold Coast Woman in Business of the Year Award 2014, what are the most important lessons in business you’ve learnt?
The ability to turn challenges and hardships into business opportunities. Riding the storm of tough economic times, I sought to find ways of overcoming challenges through production and technology as opposed to price increases.

Alpha-H Skincare is 100% Australian owned and made – how important is that to your company?
This has been very important; it means we have been able to build a cost effective and sustainable business without taxing consumers or compromising on the quality of products. It also means that we are keeping Australians working and sourcing local ingredients.

Why has Liquid Gold been the cult product of the Alpha-H range for the last 15 years?
What makes a product like Liquid Gold iconic is the experience the customer has when they use it. With Liquid Gold, you can see the results after just one application therefore you start building a relationship with the product immediately. It is this relationship, which is epitomised in our Liquid Gold Love Affair campaign. You have a certain kind of emotional attachment to a product that is your ‘staple’ and something you cannot be without.

Its iconic status also comes from the fact that we pioneered the acid toner. It’s the original acid exfoliant. Alpha-H does not follow trends or fads so product creation is driven by need rather than fashion. We stand out from the crowd by creating products so good that they can’t be ignored. For 25 years our multi-tasking products have been in the forefront of product development.

How do you unwind when you’re not at work?
Power walking, Pilates, yoga and long lunches.

You travel the world for Alpha-H, what are your top tips for keeping skin in check while travelling on airplanes?
Instant Facial is my much-loved spritz-on ONESIE. It exfoliates, hydrates, lifts and plumps and comes in a travel size making it a perfect companion on board. Also drink plenty of H20.

If you could holiday anywhere in the world, it would be…
My dream destination would have to be South Africa for the national wild life parks. National Geographic is one of the most watched channels in our home and I would love to take our whole family on what I see would be the most incredible journey of a life time.

How important has social media been in expanding the Alpha-H brand? Do you enjoy the interaction it allows with customers?
Social media is a valuable way to engage with your customers. I enjoy the interaction and having direct access to customer experience. Having a global team means that we can reach customers all over the world.

  • Home is where the heart is, who’s your one stop shop for interior style?
  • Because I love their effortless classic style.