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Owner and manager of Alkaline Spa & Clinic
Alkaline Spa and Clinic founder Monique Bolland has taken a “deliberately different” approach to the spa experience, offering holistic health and skincare treatments in a modern setting. Working to eliminate toxins in the body that contribute to ailments and ageing, Monique believes the optimal program should be tailored to a person depending on genetics and lifestyle, and when it comes to health and beauty – she knows it inside out.

Home is?
Originally Auckland, New Zealand but currently Sydney.

What do you do?
I own and manage Alkaline Spa & Clinic in Sydney’s Potts Point. It’s an urban wellness spa which aims to bridge the gap between health and beauty by encouraging regular detoxification and keeping the body in an alkaline (as opposed to acidic or toxic) state.

When and why did you start Alkaline?
Back in 2004 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an auto-immune disease with no proven cause or cure. This led me on a huge journey of discovery where I learnt about natural therapies, detoxing and how keeping your body in an alkaline state can potentially eliminate health problems that medicine can’t solve.

If you had to pick one easy thing women can do to improve their natural beauty, what would you suggest?
Drink more water! I would say at least half of the clients who come into Alkaline are dehydrated. Coffee, tea and alcohol all dehydrate your body so you need to increase your water intake to compensate for these things. Your skin will be clearer, digestion more regular, cellulite less prominent and energy and concentration levels improved. I can’t stress the importance of hydration enough.

What’s the secret to getting rid of cellulite?
A combination of a detox program and a series of Endermologie treatments. Alkaline’s Endermologie helps to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to help break the cellulite down naturally.

What’s your skincare regime like?
I use Sodashi skincare products at home. It’s a beautiful, natural product line that I discovered at the Four Seasons hotel in Paris. I loved it so much that I brought it home to Alkaline.

What’s your favourite skin treatment?
The Omnilux Revive is by far my standout skin treatment. The machine transmits pure, narrow-band light via a matrix of LED lights to increase the health of your skin. It increases collagen and elastin production and assists with hydration, complexion and texture. The Omnilux was nicknamed the ‘Omni Love’ by one of our clients and the ‘Happy Lamp’ by our staff because along with the anti-ageing benefits, the light stimulates the release of endorphins, leaving you feeling great too.

Good nutrition is a big part of your healthy lifestyle. Who’s your fresh-food friend?
Urge4Health juice bar (just near the fountain in Kings Cross) makes amazing organic juices and smoothies.

  • I have been going to Pilates Physique in Edgecliff for years to do a mixture of Power Plate and Pilates classes. Sonia Darbey is great! She offers a range of different classes so you can mix it up a bit. They also have in-house crèche facilities which I know is a huge plus for all the mums out there