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Frase and Harry

Founders of Natural Harry
Harry and Frase are a coastal couple from point Lonsdale who had a dream to open a mobile healthy food vendor in the form of a wooden Vintage caravan providing super food smoothies and raw desserts. So Frase built the Natural Harry van from scratch and Harry set about designing the uber-healthy nourishing menu. The van is now an amazing commercial grade kitchen in which Harriet handcrafts the 100% organic raw desserts for wholesale order, while also towing the gorgeous caravan to festivals and wellness events. That’s what happens when you cross a health nut with a clever carpenter!

Natural Harry aka Frase and Harry.

Home is…
We live in Point Lonsdale/Queenscliff, Victoria.

What do you do?
We are the founders of Natural Harry. It is a unique custom built wooden 1950s style Caravan fitted out to produce the most amazing 100% Organic Smoothies and Raw desserts, free from sugar, dairy, gluten and egg! We are also offering wholesale raw desserts to select cafes and health food stores.

The perfect picnic platter would include…
Raw bruschetta tacos (I’m obsessed), seasonal delicious figs and berries, dehydrated crackers and yummy homemade dips, pesto, zucchini noodles, green smoothies and kombutcha – basically enough to last a full day lazing in the sun at the beach.  Oh, and a plate of raw desserts, creamy Key lime tart would do the trick.

Frase: An amazing raw antipasto platter. I love a huge variety of food at a picnic so you can graze your way through and enjoy different flavors. I have discovered from Harry’s “un cooking” that there is almost nothing you cannot find an even more delicious healthy alternative for.

Best cure for sleeplessness?
Yoga and meditation to give me distance from daily tasks and commitments, which is what I need to truly relax. I have nearly fallen asleep at the end of every yoga class I have ever attended, the hour of focus on the body and breathing is so calming. Also, I find that exercise allows for deeper and better quality sleep.

Frase: Unfortunately I cannot offer my experience here. I’m out like a light whenever my head hits a pillow!

Most exciting adventure?
Hiking in the jungle in Columbia looking for the lost city. Sleeping in hammocks along the way and finally reaching it on a stunning sunny day.

Frase: Riding a push bike up the east coast of Spain in the middle of summer.

Things that inspire you? 
Places and the environment. Art and Design. Wellness warriors. The beach.

Frase: Mountains and the coast. Sustainable building designs

What would you spend your last $10 on and why?
Probably a smoothie. I know, I have them every day, but they are just so good!

Frase: A yummy organic lunch.

Favourite nourishing treat of all time and why?

Harry: The Natural Harry Passion fruity “cheese cake”. The balance of creamy sweetness and tang is just too good to resist. The best bit is you don’t have to!

Frase: Probably a cacao smoothie with lots of banana and a cheeky dash of organic maple

Biggest hurdle you overcame during Natural Harry’s start up process?
Harry: Getting the van finished and onto the block. I was a seriously unskilled laborer for Frase who basically did the entire build himself from scratch!

Frase: Learning how to make smoothies super fast after just building a van. Talk about jumping in the deep end. But it was fun.

What do you envisage for Natural Harry in the future? What’s next?
Wholesale raw desserts to provide nourishing, healthy options to cafes and a really yummy addition to health food stores. Harry is also really enjoying contributing to some amazing wellness events down here, as well as catering and speaking. We are rescuing and reusing an old shed to renovate and turn in to the Head Quarters too, complete with a veggie garden!


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  • Lindsay was my launch platform into the world of wellness and has been an incredible support since. She is completely authentic, knowledgeable and has a fantastic holistic perspective on life and wellness.”