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Nicole DiPietro and Emma Risvanis

Co-founders of Paleo Pure
Emma and Nicole are the brains and busy mums behind Paleo Pure, crunchy, oven baked grain free muesli is made by hand using organic ingredients in small batches. Passionate health and wellbeing advocates, Emma and Nicole ensure Paleo Pure tastes amazing, every single time. The varieties of naturally flavoured mueslis are perfect for those following a Paleo lifestyle, people with gluten sensitivity or those just wanting good, clean food.

Nicole DiPietro and Emma Risvanis

Home is…
Sorrento and Bundoora, Victoria

What do you do?
Emma: I work at the helm of Paleo Pure, along side Nicole. I am extremely passionate about simplifying life and getting back to basics in all facets of life.
Nicole: Mum to two little boys, naturopath and co-owner of Paleo Pure.

Can’t leave the house without?
Emma: Sadly, my Samsung phone.
Nicole : My chlorophyll water

We hear Paleo Pure muesli was created out of a failed attempt at baking cookies – what advice do you have for others wanting to start their own business?
Emma: Let your passion drive you forward. Don’t let the speed humps along the way slow you down or stop you. Just try and find your way around them. Also, do your homework and see if your ‘passion’ actually has a market.

Nicole: Follow your passion, as creation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

What’s your food philosophy?
Emma: J.E.R.F – Just Eat Real Food. Enjoy cooking, experiment, keep it simple and think about food more as fuel for optimum performance rather than something pretty that sits on a plate. I heard Chef Pete Evans say recently at a seminar, “is this food going to harm me or make me stronger” – it totally struck a chord with me.

Nicole: 90/10 …… 90% of the time I am aware of food as my source of energy and nutrition and I naturally crave nutritious fresh food, and every now and then I just want to be naughty and eat something that then makes me realise I feel dreadful – so I swing back to my ‘norm’.

The one food you wish was healthier than it is?
Emma: Gelato…love the stuff! But it’s totally loaded with sugar. My home made coconut yoghurt comes a distant second as an alternative…but it’ll do.

Nicole: Hot chips.

Favourite breakfast café in Melbourne?
Emma: Patch in Richmond – their breakfast bowls are fab! But quite honestly, anywhere that does a mean free-range bacon and egg dish has me won over.

Nicole: Top Paddock.

You’re both busy mums, how do your kids enjoy the paleo diet lifestyle and what advice do you have for other mums wanting to transition their kids to a healthier diet?

Emma: Once I had my routine and food replacement options down pat, I substituted one at a time. I am quite lucky in the sense that my kids love their vegies and are willing to try anything once. So if it is tasty, they will ask for it again. Basic paleo dishes such as ‘Cauli Rice’, roasted sweet potato with cinnamon, kombucha, Coyo are all regular weekly dishes included in our menu. Most nights it is a moderate amount of meat & some vegies. On weekends I like to involve the kids when I cook or make a batch of ‘booch’ so they can see where their food is coming from.

Nicole: It can be challenging especially if you are someone who isn’t comfortable or confident cooking new things. Books are very useful and trusty friends who can actually show you some favourite meal ideas. Like cauliflower rice – once shown it will stick with you and can be a weekly favourite.

You only need to feel comfortable with a few items. I made paleo banana blueberry bread with my niece the other night (so she can take it to school). She couldn’t believe how easy it was to make – and how incredible it tasted – without a trace of sugar!

Favourite beauty product and why?

Emma: ECOLOGY moisturiser. It is made locally using organic grass fed tallow and some very subtle essential oils and it is DIVINE!

Nicole: Body moisturiser coconut oil– would never put something on my skin that I couldn’t eat!

What’s next for Paleo Pure?
Emma: We are developing some new snack lines (trail mixes with a Paleo Pure twist and some yummy clusters) and are slowly rolling out to each state. We are letting the business grown organically which feels right.

Nicole: Expanding our range and I would love us to be international one day.

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