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Nikki Parkinson

Author and Blogger at Styling You
Nikki Parkinson is a journo-turned blogger-turned author (her first book Unlock Your Style will be out in stores on July 29 through Hachette). Through her blog and upcoming book, Nikki aims to help busy women get the confidence to find their own style so they feel great every day. When she’s not writing, this busy lady is a wife and a mum to two university students and an eight-year-old.

Nikki Parkinson.

Home is?
Brisbane, Queensland.

What do you do?
Blogger at Styling You.

You can’t buy class…but you can buy shoes!

Fastidious about..
Wearing sunscreen. This habit of a lifetime is the reason why my skin is still in good condition in my 40s.

Your ideal workspace would be?
The one I have right now. We moved to Brisbane at the start of the year and after five years of having my “office” in the corner of my lounge room, I’ve got my own space. There is even a shoe-robe and cabinet dedicated to accessories.

You’re a super busy woman; tell us, how does your typical day roll?
I work from home so once I’ve got my youngest to school and picked up the mail; it’s heads down and fingers to the keyboard.
My day is taken up writing blog posts, answering emails and interacting on social media.

How do you stay organised?
I live by my iCal that is synced to my phone, computer and iPad. I used the Asana app for breaking down larger projects into tasks with set deadlines. I use Evernote for “filing” any website posts I want to keep and for having all my travel documents at the ready when travelling. I also use Dropbox for photo and document storage – particularly helpful when travelling. My agency uses Basecamp to keep us on track with what sponsored content is due and when. Basically I wouldn’t survive without all my gadgets synced to each other!

You made the jump from journalism to curating your own fabulous content on your blog…what inspired you to make the change?
The biggest inspiration for me was to create a career around my family – that allowed for a flexibility mostly not found in work places.

You’re a power product tester, providing recommendations for your readers, what are your top five beauty products and where do we buy them?

That’s like asking to choose a favourite child! At the moment, these are my top 5. They’re subject to change at a moment’s notice!

1. NARS illuminator in Orgasm – Mecca Cosmetica
2. Garnier Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector – available at Priceline and supermarkets
3. Clarins BB Cream – at Clarins counters and online at Adore Beauty
4. NIVEA Sensitive Protect Deodorant – at supermarkets
5. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 – beauty salons and online




  • Your blonde hair always looks shiny and bouncy! Who's your expert blow dry by?
  • I found The Blow Dry Room in Paddington not long after I moved to Brisbane. Blaise gets my hair sorted in 30 minutes. It’s become my weekly solution to a good hair weekend.