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Pia Muehlenbeck

Founder of SLINKII Active Wear, Model and Law Graduate
Sydney raised social media sensation turned entrepreneur Pia Muehlenbeck has recently launched her new active wear label SLINKII athletic. SLINKII is a luxury sportswear label that reflects high-end casual styling with performance fabrics to create a sportswear label unlike any other.
The carefully crafted pieces are ideal for yoga and Pilates, the moisture-wicking fabrics will keep the wearer cool and fresh during a run, and the refined cuts are effortlessly stylish both on and off the mat.
A former lawyer Pia has over 1.1 million Instagram followers alone and has levered her Instagram platform to build a brand that’s booming with over 200 units (and growing) sold a week. SLINKII will also be expanding into swimwear and has just launched an eight-piece capsule collection perfect for the European Summer.

Name: Pia Muehlenbeck

Home is… Sydney, Australia.

What do you do? Founder of SLINKII active wear and Finding the Finer

What’s your favourite view in Sydney?

My favourite view probably has to be from my balcony. We look over the Harbour and the Opera House and I’ve bought a whole bunch of plants to transform our balcony into a little tropical oasis. I just love sitting there to unwind in the afternoon and watch the sky turn into the most vibrant shades of pink and orange before the sun goes down. Such incredible natural beauty.

What is your favourite way to exercise?

I try to keep my exercise regime really varied to make it interesting and exciting. I used to run a lot but lately I’ve been getting really into big outdoor walks with my partner, Kane, and our puppy, Muesli.

I’ve also been getting really into pilates-style workouts using our SLINKII resistance bands. This style of sculpting training works really well for me because I’m traveling a lot at the moment but I can always take them with me. So I was keeping up my routine even on the beach in Mexico last month! The extra resistance from the bands turns a light workout into an absolute killer. I’ve published a few workouts on slinkii.com for free if anyone’s keen to try them out!

You began your luxe activewear label SLINKII after graduating as a lawyer and working as a model – what inspired this big career change?

I grew up living a very outdoorsy lifestyle in Queensland, and when I got my first job in a corporate law firm, I realised I was getting to work before the sun came up and arriving back home well after the sun had gone down. And it dawned on me that if I continued down this corporate path, I might never see daylight again! So I wanted to make a change. It was a crazy risk and really tough decision but a year and a half later I’m loving every minute of what I do and I would never look back!

What are your top tips for motivating yourself to get active on those days when you just want to lie on the couch? (We all have them!)

Oh it’s tough sometimes isn’t it!! I feel you! On the days when I really can’t be bothered to do anything, I do something really light, like a calming yoga class. So it’s not too intense but I always feel a million times better afterwards. You just need to give your body the rest it needs sometimes.

What does a day in the life of Pia look like?

Honestly, that is such a difficult question for me these days. Because I run SLINKII and Finding the Finer my days are always different. Sometimes I might be in the office with a messy bun in my hair all day and other days I might be rolling around on the beach taking photos.

I do, however, try to keep some constants to give my life a bit of routine and stability. I wake up at 5:30 and do yoga while the sun rises, then take the dog out for a nice walk. I then go about my tasks for the day, these might be working on new collections for SLINKII, running the company and operations, shooting, meetings, or writing blog articles.

Because I work with my boyfriend, Kane, we try to have a ‘switch off’ time at 8pm where we stop talking about work and actually enjoy one another’s company as a couple!

Your personal Instagram account has over 1.1 millions followers, and SLINKII 63,000 – how important do you think has social media has been in the success of SLINKII?

Instagram has been integral to the success of SLINKII. When we started the label, we had absolutely no money or financial backing. So we didn’t have a marketing budget at all. This meant we had to get a little creative in order to try and market our products.

Luckily, Kane had done some photography in the past, and I had done some modelling. So instead of paying for advertising, we took to Instagram to get the label out there. We made sure we had a least one great photo to post every day, and the label just catapulted.

A year and a half ago the SLINKII Instagram had zero followers and I personally had around 700. So in that time, we’ve consistently posted and grew a following of engaged, like-minded people who love watching the SLINKII journey.

Do you have any advice for aspiring models, and entrepreneurs?

I think the best piece of advice I received was when Kane told me to create a website. You see, slinkii.com was a blog before it was a label. I used to write about all things health and fitness and it helped build an existing user-base who were interested in similar things. This made it a bit easier to launch the label as I had an established platform. So, I would advise any budding entrepreneurs to start the website as soon as possible and use that to launch your product down the line!

What is one thing that surprises people about you?

People get a little surprised when I tell them I was a lawyer. Only because what I do now is so far removed from corporate life! I just run around in active wear all the time now!

Your signature fragrance is…

Haha it’s probably coconut. I love using organic coconut oil as moisturiser because its all natural. So I walk around smelling like a coconut at all times!

  • You have an amazing, strong figure – who’s your personal trainer?
  • I often get asked if I have a personal trainer, and yes I do, her name is Ash Besse and she is insanely amazing!