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Artist and a cook
Our favourite face of MasterChef, Poh reinvigorated our hunger for good food and has since scored her own show, Poh’s Kitchen and a cookbook deal. Malaysian-born and Adelaide-bred, Poh was an anonymous artist before making her transition to celebrity chef. She now applies her artistic sensibilities to the plate, as she dishes up traditional food in beautiful ways.

Poh recently traveled across Asia for her show, taste-testing the delicacies of Singapore and Thailand. She returns with even more experience, knowledge and passion, making her the perfect person to talk to about new flavours, fresh produce and all those chef secrets

Poh Ling Yeow

Home is?
Adelaide, South Australia

What do you do?
I’m an artist and a cook

You’re passionate about?
Living a creative life

What are your hobbies outside of cooking?
Flea markets, HOURDING preloved knick knacks (but currently trying to get a grip on this!), DIY-ing around the house and film

What don’t you leave the house without?
Lip balm, powder puff, wallet, notebook and pen

Who’s your mentor?
I’m too stubborn to have a mentor but when it comes to cooking probably my great aunty and mum. I also sometimes call on Neil Perry and Emmanuel Mollois for advice 

If you could invite any 5 people in the world to dinner, who would they be?
Frida Kahlo because she is my ultimate art heroine, Anthony Bourdain because reading his books is what first got me interested in the world of cheffing (and he’s hilarious), my friend Sarah because she’s really open-minded about flavour and likes everything I cook, Ellen Degeneres because she loves being a doofus which is sooo endearing and cracks me up and maybe Robert Crumb because he’s such a nut – conversations could only get ridiculous!

Can you share the cooking tip you’ve been given?
Flavour is all about balancing salty, sweet and sour. Once you train your palette to understand that this balance can be achieved on the quiet end of the spectrum, like in French or Japanese cuisine, or loud as in Malaysian or thai, you have the most important tool to creating brilliant flavour and being a good cook

You’re having a dinner party and don’t have time to cook dessert. What’s your favourite last minute patisserie?
I NEVER give up and outsource. I just go my frozen raspberries baked with a sprinkling of ameretti biscuits, brown sugar and dotting of diced butter, served with a good quality vanilla ice-cream or homemade custard

  • Gawd too hard basket! I’m always looking so the list gets longer everyday but one of my all time favourites is Charles Blackman