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Digital Communications Exec for Gold Coast Tourism
A soul centred writer, social media strategist and aspiring life coach – Rachel MacDonald’s life mission is to help others create bigger, bolder, richer, more radiant lives through her heart-lifting blog, In Spaces Between. Rachel’s blog has become the daily stop for juicy inspiration, confidence building tips and mindset shifting ideas with over 30,000 visitors every month. Much to the delight of her faithful readers, Rachel has recently released a free e-book, ‘More Magic, All the time: 20 Ways to Create Your Best Life Ever’ – a truly inspiring and thought provoking read.

Rachel MacDonald (nee Magahy)

Home is?
Beautiful Burleigh Heads, Queensland

What do you do?
By day I work as a Digital Communications Exec for Gold Coast Tourism and I spend mornings, nights, lunch breaks and weekends dishing up a mega dose of inspiration on my blog In Spaces Betweenwww.inspacesbetween.com.

How long ago did you start your blog ‘In Spaces Between’ and why did you decide to create it?
In Spaces Between launched a bit over twelve months ago because I had this burning desire to create – to write, inspire, curate beautiful imagery and share my thoughts – and the blogging platform seemed like the best way to bring all that together. I’m loving every delicious minute of it.

How do you manage the balance of working full-time and staying on top of your blog so well?
Lots (and lots) of list-making! There’s three important elements required to juggle both properly, and I’ve just realised they all start with P, so let’s call them the 3 P’s – Planning (creating lists in my Moleskine diaryand typing inspiration into my Evernote app on my phone), prioritising (focusing on the most important stuff and learning to say no when required) and finally, passion. The passion part is so crucial and it’s the reason I continue to show up at the computer every day to do my thing.

What are you currently obsessed with?
Spring. Especially around sunrise and sunset.
Quartz crystal clusters.
Neon anything.
Aztec and Moroccan prints and homewares.
Lululemon sportswear.

Style crush?
The Sass and Bide girls.

Favourite superfood?
A tie between spirulina and cacao.

What makes you happy?
Umm… apart from everything? Connecting with people and inspiring them to create and live the best lives they can. Writing. Movement. Love letters from my husband. Spontaneous adventures. Scented candles. A good book. Beautiful typography. Interior design. Pinterest. I could go on…

Who’s your mentor?
I’m really inspired by fearless women who are out there doing what they love online. Writers and inspirational speakers like Danielle LaPorte  and Gabrielle Bernstein and marketing maven Marie Forleo are my shining examples of how to blend business and heart.

What are you remembering?
Walking the streets of New York last year – I think because I had a dream I was back there last night. I need a holiday!

What is your favourite neighbourhood restaurant?
Justin Lane Pizzeria & Bar

You recently got married, tell us what your most important piece of advice you can offer all of the ladies out there who are going through the wedding process?
Hire professionals and work with people that understand your vision. If your life is already super busy, hire a wedding planner for support (something we didn’t do).
Also, aim for joy rather than perfection. If your heart is full of love all day and everyone’s having a ball, then your wedding has been a success (regardless of any little bits not flowing as perfectly as you expected them to).

My must haves…
My gorgeous husband!
- Water. I guzzle it constantly.
- My blogging arsenal – MacBook Pro/ Canon 5D SLR/ iPhone
- A good lip gloss.
- Jumbo salads packed with goodness to keep me going.

  • I go to Alisha Anjaiya art Couture Salon and Spa. They make my hair look amazing.