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Rebecca Sahely & Olivia Latimour

Co-founders of TÄNKA
Rebecca and Olivia are the co-founders of Melbourne-based pressed juice company, TÄNKA. Leaving their busy corporate lives to begin an adventure in wellness and entrepreneurship, the two TÄNKA ladies develop their organic juices alongside a naturopath to ensure the drinks are a rich source of nutrients for optimum health. Growing fast, TÄNKA is available at selected Melbourne stockists, as well as sold online in juice cleanse packs for delivery so you can enjoy TÄNKA everyday.

Name: Rebecca Sahely and Olivia Latimour

Home is… Prahran, Victoria.

What lead you to create TÄNKA?
We were working busy corporate jobs in the city and realised that there are limited grab-n-go options. We went on a holiday to the states, drank a lot of cold pressed juice and came back searching for it but couldn’t find it anywhere. That’s how TÄNKA came about.

Cold pressed juice and cleanses are definitely having a moment. How does TÄNKA differ from other popular juice brands and cleanses?
In Swedish, TÄNKA means, “to keep something in mind”. Who said healthy living should be an all-consuming mission? For us, TÄNKA makes it easier to incorporate real nutrition into real life. This why we have been stocking into local everyday cafes and can deliver to workplaces.

We spent a lot of time developing the recipes alongside our naturopath, Reece Carter to ensure that they not only pack a big nutritional punch full of organic goodness but also taste delicious. This ensures our cleanse plans should be a simple addition to your daily life – giving your insides a rest without bringing your body to a halt.

What is the one thing you wish people knew about juice that most don’t?
A lot of people don’t understand why organic cold pressed juice is more expensive than conventional juice. It might seem like a better option at the time but will your body be reaping the benefits? Do you know what this product has gone through to extend its shelf life?

TÄNKA is an incredibly rich source of vitamins and minerals, unpasteurised and preservative free, meaning it can’t be produced and stored in bulk.  Also, organic produce is limited, seasonal and more expensive to source. Each of our juice can contain up to a kilogram of fresh organic produce.

What is the hardest lesson in business you’ve learned since starting TÄNKA?
There is no quick and easy road, obstacles arise everywhere. It’s the patience and problem solving which help you along.

What are the top five health and nutritional benefits to juicing? 

1)     Easy to digest raw nutrients

2)    Packs a big nutritional punch

3)    Glowing skin, hair and nails

4)    Improves mental clarity and energy levels

5)    More restful sleep

Best piece of advice, business or personal?
Rebecca: Find Balance

Be yourself

Are you a full-time health nut or do you ever indulge? And if you do, what or where is your favourite place to indulge?
Rebecca: I love to indulge which keeps me healthy. Everything in moderation! A night out for dinner and drinks with family and friends makes me happy, although I’ll be waking up to a green juice in the morning.

Yes I love to be healthy and feel my best when I have been looking after myself. Although, I definitely love to enjoy/indulge too sometimes. My favourite treats are liquorice, Pana chocolate, and a nice glass of red .

Favourite TÄNKA flavour?
Rebecca: That’s a hard question, I change my mind everyday, however if I have to answer that, it would be our green juicesAlkalise This” and “Gut instinct” because green juice makes you feel so good and we know how much goodness is packed into every bottle! Equally my favourite is “A little Tart” which I could drink all day everyday, wakes me up in the morning and cleanses me after lunch.

Olivia: I really do love them all! They all have their place to me. On a regular basis though I like A Little Tart in the morning to get me going, Gut Instinct really feel the green goodness and Date Night is soo calming and soothing before going to bed. 

Right now, I’m coveting…
Rebecca: Homewares, obsessed with making every room in my home comfy, including a nursery

Olivia: A holiday including sunshine, beach, yoga and good food!

Favourite spot in the world…and why?
Rebecca: I have to many but narrowed it down to 3. First is St Jean Cap Ferrat, France; Second is Capri, Italy and last but not least would have to be home… Sorrento – I love it in winter for the open fires after rainy beach walks or summer for the sun baking and jumping off boats.

Olivia: Tulum, Mexico – so beautiful and relaxing.

  • Wellness is a holistic approach, who’s your yoga teacher of choice?
  • Power Living Yoga Studio has the greatest studio and teachers which offer a variety of classes including power vinyasa, align and yin. They have studios in Melbourne and Sydney.”