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Rhiannon Taylor

Photographer and Blogger at In Bed With Me
Born and raised in Melbourne, Rhiannon studied at RMIT University (BA Photography Hons) and immersed herself photographing the lifestyle industry. Having lived in New York, and traveling far and wide for her work, with publications such as Conde Nast, Traveler and Gourmet, she puts her expertise in editorial photography and her lifestyle aesthetic in to In Bed With, a review site purely for bespoke accommodations – with a gorgeous Instagram feed to match!

Rhiannon Taylor

Home is…
Melbourne / New York

What do you do?
Architectual and lifestyle photographer

Was there a particular catalyst for your interest and eventual career in photography? (eg. A photographer, a particular photo, friends/family influence)
I think it was really the only thing I was good at! I started out studying architecture and design/space is still really important to me given my usual photographic work. But the thrill, back in the day, of snapping film, processing and printing in the darkroom was really addictive and I haven’t looked back.

What’s your daily beauty routine? What are you Holy Grail beauty products?
I haven’t deviated for about six years. Kiehl’s Ultra cleanser, used with a Clarisonic brush, followed by Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream morning and night. Getting older, I’m on the hunt for a great sunscreen and eyecream if anyone has any suggestions!

When I leave the house I am devoted to Bobbi Brown Skin foundation and eye concealers, Stila bronzer and Nars lip colours – but I work from bed, so make-up isn’t on my roster often.

What has been the best or “pinch yourself” moment in your career so far?
I went to the Maldives to photograph a few resorts recently and it was pure heaven. I don’t want to be smug about it, but I really love what I do. That trip was a highlight and a reward for all the dirty hard work leading up to it. Who wouldn’t pinch themselves in the Maldives?

What do you wish was healthier than it is?
This list is endless, but anything deep-fried or with butter. Croissants!

How do you stay fit/healthy while travelling and enjoying new places and experiences?
Most resorts and hotels plough me with unbelievable, endless amounts of food and I’m too polite (or gluttoness) to refuse. But I do make sure I walk everywhere and I have an easy workout made by my trainer that I can do anywhere, even in the tiniest of hotel rooms.

What advice do you have for those wanting to make a career out of photography?
It’s a tough industry. If you have photographic skills, I would say hone your style. Don’t be a trick of all trades. You may be capable of shooting fashion, food, sport and architecture, but most clients want a specialist in their field. If your aesthetic is clear, you’re instantly more bookable.

What or where is your dream holiday on the bucket list?
I’m dying to go to Seychelles at the moment. Or Marrakech. I’d take either, thanks in advance to the powers that be.

The one skill you wish you had…
I wish I was able to ride a motorbike. I have a soft spot for vintage Harley Davidson’s – teamed with Helmut Lang leathers and Isabel Marant boots of course.

  • We love your glossy locks – who’s your hairdresser?
  • When I’m in Melbourne, I have to go see Dawn. She has a soft natural approach and colours like a master. No brassy finish!