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Counselling psychologist and clinical sexologist in private practice
When Sarah isn’t hard at work in her private practise as a counselling psychologist and clinical sexologist or spending quality time with loved ones, she loves being a trendsetter in sexology. She is delighted to have launched in collaboration with Swinburne University Design, the unique “Parents, Tweens & Sex” app for the iPad. The app is now a finalist in the Premier Design Awards.

Home is?
South Yarra, Victoria

What do you do?
I am a counselling psychologist and clinical sexologist in private practice. I pride myself on responding to my client’s goals for psychological support and by creating resources to meet their specific needs. I am proud of my recent collaboration with Swinburne University Design to design an app for the iPad. My ‘Parents, Tweens and Sex’ unique app supports parents and their tweens (10-13 year olds) to discuss confronting sexual issues.  It also allows parents to share their personal ethics and values using ‘sex IQ’ to be mindful, comfortable and respectful about sexual relationships.

If you only had 24 hours?
I would have my children over to enjoy a long, lazy bagel and champagne brunch –alfresco- and share with them stories of their childhood and reflections on life. In the afternoon we would gather at our favorite beach side café with ‘our nearest and dearest’ and have a beach party until sunset and then stop to be mindful and rejoice our good fortune to live and to love while managing all our challenges. My husband and I would return home and have a great glass of red that he would select with a delicious dinner. We would then make our way to our beautiful bedroom to indulge in the kind of intimacy only possible when two people have worked hard to overcome life’s obstacles and invest in a long and happy marriage. We would use the knowledge we have of each other to celebrate our gift of love.

Guiltiest pleasures are?
Hands down my BMW – a white convertible with my signature red leather seats. People I meet for the first time tell me they recognise me as the crazy lady who has the top down even in Melbourne winter singing loudly and very much off key. Unashamedly, I’m a coffee-holic, and am told I am a much nicer person after I’ve had my quota of morning coffees!

Digital inspiration…must-visit websites/blogs?
I love Twitter and two of the people who amuse and inspire me are
Mark Textor – a campaign strategist and social researcher @markatextor
Les Posen – a MAC-loving psychologist @lesposen

World – an online source of information for international academic bodies that work in sexology. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. a travel blog created by my daughter Nina.

The  an online news and magazine site for a community of wise, warm, witty and wonderful women.

Other than reading 50 Shades of Grey (20 times over) what advice would you give to people in long term relationships wanting to get their mojo back?

1. Do everything except BORING!
Find something new and different that you will both enjoy sharing that involves something sensual. It could be as simple as changing timing from evening to morning playtime or, changing the place to play from bedroom to island bench in your kitchen! Have verbal intercourse and read erotica in bed to each other or write your own erotica in 25 characters or less……

2. Raise the bar….take a risk
Invent your own sex toy – it could be that silk scarf or the feather duster or nutella spread on a specific body part and licked off by an appreciative other…..The worst that can happen is that you both mess it up and you have a very happy memory to share!

3. Laugh together 
Life can be tough and the idea that you can halve the burden and double the benefit by adding value to each other gives you more space to be joyful! Laughing gives you a facelift, creates awesome energy and fabulous karma and makes you more desirable…

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