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Sarah Cummings

Civil marriage celebrant
Getting hitched? Sarah Oluk from Engage Celebrants can hook you up with a marriage celebrant to suit your personal style. The wedding expert has dealt with dozens of husbands - and wives-to-be in her day, working with them to plan ceremonies that are elegant and personal. You can trust her insider knowledge on the most significant day of your life.

Home is?
A quiet street in Mortdale, NSW.

What do you do?
As a civil marriage celebrant, I work with couples and families to create unique wedding, commitment, vow renewal and naming ceremonies. I also recently founded a network for young celebrants as a way to connect with others.

What’s your biggest splurge?
I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned book. I had to buy a new bookcase just to fit them all in. E-readers are great for magazines and papers but nothing can compare to finding a little patch of sunshine and curling up with a good story about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

What are your top five must-haves?
- My family and friends – Running your own business can be a daunting and lonely experience and I’m lucky to have a great support network to bounce ideas off and pick me up when things seem all too hard.
- Mobile – I have to admit to being more than a little addicted to my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It lets me stay connected no matter where I am and keep track of my appointments and ceremonies
- Baby wipes – I have travel packs everywhere – a necessity with two little ones under four. They are also great for removing almost anything from pretty much every surface.
- Lipgloss and moisturiser – I am outdoors quite a lot for work and find my skin and lips get really dry. The Cancer Council has a great range of tinted moisturisers and lipglosses that are SPF 30 but still feel nice to wear.
- A great pair of heels – I spend most of my time in jeans but it’s amazing how a great pair of heels can really lift your spirit and make you walk that little bit taller (not just from the extra inches on your feet!).

What should every wedding day emergency kit include?
If you have children at your wedding then definitely pack bubbles. They are a great distraction and also look fabulous in photos. Get a little sewing kit with a few choices of thread and make sure you have some wipes. Tissues will most likely be needed too.

What are your go-to wedding sites when you need inspiration?
There are a few I find really inspiring: I Do Too for alternative weddings, Polka Dot Bride and Modern Wedding for gorgeous images and unique wedding ideas.

Who’s your fave wedding dress designer? Jennifer Regan created the wedding dress for a good friend of mine. Her styles are clean and elegant with beautiful detailing. I joined Jess at a few of the fittings and it was great to meet Jennifer and know that she is so hands-on.

You’re known for your attention to detail at weddings. Tell us, who’s your favourite…
- Wedding photographer: The Follans. They really capture the atmosphere, joy and laughter on the day.
- Band: I love Fiona Treloar and her band Soul Arte. They are great at reading a crowd and having a whole lot of fun.
- Caterer: PB Catering.
- Florist: Affair with George

  • You’re a mother of two little ones. Who’s your secret helper?
  • I am involved with Playgroup NSW. Playgroup provides a really invaluable support group as I’ve had somewhere to go every week where my kids can play safely and everyone understands what you’re going through.