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Sarah Riegelhuth

Co-founder of Wealth Enhancers
As co-founder of award-winning Gen Y financial advisory firm, Wealth Enhancers, and the League of Extraordinary Women, Sarah Riegelhuth is passionate about two things: following your dreams, and loving your money! Sarah is a speaker, blogger and the author of Get Rich Slow. She regularly appears on Sky Business Your Money Your Call, and writes for Women’s Agenda, Ruby Connection and Money Management. Sarah was rewarded for her many talents in 2011 when she was named as one of Melbourne’s Top 100 most influential, inspiring and creative citizens by The Age.

Sarah Riegelhuth

Home is?
A 15th floor apartment in Docklands, Melbourne – love it!

What do you do? 
I run several companies, the main one being Wealth Enhancers.

Fastidious about?
Constant improvement and getting out of my comfort zone. I love change and the feeling of moving forward and improving my business, my life, and the lives of our clients. I’ve built the culture of Wealth Enhancers around this so that we challenge ourselves to make small advances to everything we do, everyday. I’m also fastidious about my appearance. I think it’s important to be prepared for any situation and I’d 100% prefer to be over-dressed everyday of my life, than risk being under-dressed for something.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone told you earlier?
Believe in yourself, forget about what other people think (it’s none of your business) and do what makes you happy – not what society prescribes as the ‘right’ way to live your life.

In your book, Get Rich Slow you speak about the concept of ‘slow money’. Could you explain the concept and the benefits?
Slow money is all about starting small, but starting now, and not putting off getting your finances sorted for another moment. It’s also completely against the idea of ‘get rich quick’, as I’ve come to see in my career as an adviser over the past 10 years that it’s just not possible. Slow money is identifying what you want in life (your goals and dreams), then building a financial plan to work toward those things. Even if it’s just $20 a week that you can put toward your goals initially, that’s better than nothing. Baby steps will turn into bigger steps if you start now.

For females who find themselves in difficult financial situations, what are your top three tips to achieve positive financial change?
1 Start now! You need to take action today, not tomorrow and certainly not at a later stage. Starting small but taking steps right away is the only way to start getting on top of a difficult situation.
2. Get a good picture of where you are at, write down everything you own, and anything you owe, along with your income coming in and your expenses going out. Whatever is left over you should start using immediately to repay debt or start saving.
3. Thirdly, it may seem a little harsh, but… spend less. If you are in a tough financial position it’s important that you look at what sacrifices you may have to make in order to free up some extra money that you can use to get ahead. A short-term sacrifice now will make a big difference to your future.

You have been recognised as one of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs. What are the benefits of being your own boss/starting your own company?
I think when you start your own company you have this warped idea that you’re going to have a really flexible lifestyle and be able to have work/life balance and it’s going to be really free. In reality, it’s not really that way at all but because I love what I do the best thing is probably just living what I love. Sunday night means nothing more to me than another evening, Monday morning is just as exciting as Friday or Saturday morning. Admittedly though, travel is one of my top values and priorities in life so it’s great to be in charge of planning my own life so that I can go away whenever I need to without having to apply for leave. I think that would be the main thing that would ever stop me from returning to employment!

Next move?
We’re very focused on taking Wealth Enhancers global after a research trip we conducted in New York earlier this year. We’ve identified some great opportunities in different cities in the world but it’s a long-term project and it won’t happen overnight.

You’re always impeccably styled. What are your five wardrobe essentials to achieve a chic office look?
I’m not at all conservative (for a finance chick), and love colour. Anything with a print, a great blazer, high heels are a must, a statement necklace from Lovisa, Collette or Emeldo and an oversized handbag that fits my laptop – Sterling & Hyde are usually my go to for bags. 

Favourite way to relax and unwind?
Anything that involves turning off my phone, iPad and laptop! Getting a facial or going for a run can be equally relaxing for me as I’m not connected. That’s probably my biggest thing –  looking to snatch moments in time where I can just be with my husband, or friends, or solo… without the constant buzz of devices.

  • You always like to look your best. So tell us, Who’s Your makeup artist?
  • I am pretty specific about who does my makeup for special events, filming or photos shoots and I use Miss Aimmey everytime. Aimmey is one of the loveliest people I've ever met and one of Melbourne's top makeup artists. The whole experience is always a delight.