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Director of Brand You Media
Creative powerhouse Scarlett Vespa has the tools women need to discover their potential and live every day to the fullest. A director, producer, and personal brander for her company Brand You Media, Scarlett is also the mind behind the inspirational personal development blog, With the aim of helping women everywhere to become their best, Scarlett is in the process of developing her own television show, The Scarlett Vespa Show.

Home is?
Sydney, Australia

What do you do?
Personal branding

You’re an expert in
Advertising & Personal Development

What are your top 3 health rules to live by?
- Exercise. It’s always a challenge for me but it ALWAYS works! It keeps me grounded, energised and more positive.
- Eat brown rice in the morning – It has the same PH balance as your blood and helps keep your blood sugar levels within the normal ranges, prolonging your sense of fullness. (I pre-cook the rice, then stir fry some onion and mushrooms, throw it all together with a bit of tamari and finally top the dish with some sesame seeds and plum vinegar).
- Avoid processed food!

You regularly meditate. How does it help you?
Meditating for just five minutes is enough to give myself the space to reconnect. When I reconnect with my body, I’m able to focus better during the day and tend to get more work done.
Where can people find more information about meditation and mindfulness?
I highly recommend The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He really explains the workings of the mind so beautifully.

You suffer from eczema. How do you control it?
I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and what’s worked for me is a combination of lots of water, IPL, no alcohol, no sugar, enemas, no gluten and no soy milk, as it’s highly processed and difficult for the body to digest. A cream that has saved me is the Australian Health & Wellbeing NOURISH – Eczema and Psoriasis Cream.

You are a big believer in alternative health. What products do you recommend?
I take Reishi Mushrooms every day – They’re great for boosting the immune system! I also take Primerose oil for my hormones and Transfer Factor 4Life (Bovine Colostrum Powder) for my hair, skin and energy levels.

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