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CEO and Founder of ModelCo
Shelley Barrett is the founder and CEO of iconic Australian beauty brand, ModelCo. At just 21 years old, Shelley started her career as a model agent. For 10 years, she owned and operated one of the most highly respected management groups in Australia. During that time Shelley managed a talent pool of 1,200 people across Australia and her models graced the pages of fashion magazines and worldwide advertising campaigns.

In 2002, Shelley saw a gap in the market for innovative, multi-purpose beauty products and so, ModelCo’s cult Tan In A Can and Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler were born. After selling out worldwide in a few short months, Barrett knew she was onto a good thing – and her company’s staggering success snowballed from there.

Home is?
Paddington, Sydney with a home away from home at Palm Beach on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

What do you do?
I’m the CEO and Founder of ModelCo. Ten years on, I am still actively involved in the company so what I do, depends on what day it is! I might be working with our Research & Development manager on new products, planning an event with my PR department or working alongside our retail and distribution team.

Your personal mantra?
You are what you eat – if you fuel your body with good things, your skin will be all the better for it.

If my bathroom cabinet was on fire I’d grab…
1. ModelCo Tan in a Can, Super Tan and Blend Buffing Mitt – I like to have a tan all year round and I alternate between spray and mousses, these are my go-to’s for a natural, golden glow

2.La Prairie Caviar Balls – I have sensitive skin and when I really need a moisture hit, I splurge on La Prairie

3. ModelCo FibreLash Mascara – perfect for long lasting luscious lashes, this is my all-time fav (and not just because I created it!)

4. Marc Jacobs Woman perfume. It’s the perfect balance of fruity and floral. Crisp, sharp and feminine.

5. Trilogy Rosehip Oil – it’s the perfect moisturiser, serum and pick-me-up in one. I apply it at night when my skin is feeling particularly dry.

Beauty from within…What do you eat/drink to make your skin glow?
I drink at least two litres of water a day and fuel my body with a big green smoothie either in the morning or after lunch. I throw in kale, chia seeds, goji berries as well as a mixture of my favourite fruits and notice that I have more energy just by having a smoothie a day.

I also take Beta AC, a Vitamin C Powder Supplement that truly prevents me from getting run down and LivaTone Plus which keeps me healthy on the inside.

TAN Airbrush in a Can is a cult beauty product and a favourite of the entire WY? team…What are your top tips for applying fake tan?…
Despite which fake tan you use (sprays, mousses, gels), preparing the skin for application is the most important step in the process. To prep your skin for the perfect tan, exfoliate with a body scrub, concentrating on dry areas such as knees, elbows and ankles. Avoid oil based scrubs as the oil can act as a barrier against the tan adhering to the skin.

Apply your tan within ½ an hour of showering – your skin is at its best to react with the tanning agent when it is clean and starting to cool.

Always read the instructions. ModelCo tans are designed to develop within 2-8 hours. After this time, we suggest you wash the tan residue off and you’re left with a natural, golden tan.

And how do we get the most mileage out of our fake tan…
To make sure your tan lasts, you need to stay hydrated. That means drinking lots of water and applying moisturiser daily. To top up your tan, use a tan extender until your next application. ModelCo’s Gradual Tan, has a small amount of DHA so it gives just the right amount of colour to keep your tan fresh until next time.

To get rid of stubborn fake tan residue that you just can’t seem to get rid of (prior to your next application), apply a good layer of a body oil all over the skin and soak in a hot bath then exfoliate with TAN AWAY Mitt and the old tan should just slide off!

What’s your beauty routine?
For every day, my routine is very simple. I cleanse and moisturise my skin with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and Active Moist. I apply ModelCo Face Base Skin Primer, followed by ModelCo FluidSplash Foundation, FibreLash and Shine Lipgloss – I very rarely leave the house without wearing gloss or lipstick.

10 years on, a multi-million dollar business with a host of celebrity and high profile fans what are your top tips to women starting out in business?
Follow your instinct and don’t take no for an answer.

Best place in Sydney for…

A cut and blow dry: Keiran Street at Valonz Salon – For a cut and blow dry, Keiran is my go-to.

A mani/pedi: Miss Frou Frou, which is situated within Valonz – A double treat at the same time!

Florist: Summer’s Floral in Woollahra is my go-to florist. The team is fantastic; they know my style and get it right, every single time.

  • I live a busy lifestyle so to keep grounded, I visit David regularly. He helps to put things into perspective and bring back a sense of balance when I need it most.