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Television Presenter
Loved by audiences both young and old, the charismatic Shura Taft has become one of Australia’s most in-demand television presenters. Having just landed the plum role of host on Channel 7’s The Mole, Shura finds himself constantly on the go between top television hosting gigs and as a weekend presenter on Melbourne’s Nova 100 radio station.

His career in entertainment spans across popular children’s TV shows, presenting the morning weather, travel and lifestyle segments for Postcards and documentaries, sport commentary, red carpet duties and more. An avid traveller, passionate Hawthorn supporter and overall sports nut, this busy man is also a huge contributor to charities and has been actively involved as a host and MC of many of Melbourne & Sydney’s largest events and openings.

We chatted all things Melbourne with this down-to-earth guy who we would be more than happy to introduce to our mum…

Home is?
Balaclava, Melbourne

What do you do?
I’m a television presenter so essentially my job is to entertain…(however, whether or not I’m good at that has always been up to the viewing public!!) But I love my job and feel very blessed to be able to do it.

On a day off I like to… 
I love being outdoors & getting active. A day off usually involves some form of physical activity…whether it be golf, footy, tennis, squash or just the plain old gym. I also love hanging out with my nephews and niece.

Strangest thing I’ve had to do for my job is…
Hosting a kids show meant that there wasn’t much I didn’t have to do when it came to slime. I’ve eaten it, had it poured on me, been attacked with jelly infused water bombs, copped 50 cream pies to the face but the piece de resistance was the bath of green jelly. In all honesty – it actually felt incredibly nice….

Three things you didn’t know about me…
1. I have a Biomedical Science degree (I know right!?).

2. I am addicted to cryptic crosswords.

3. I spent three months living in Brighton in England cold calling to sell female cancer insurance in 2004 (I was trying to make a few bob whilst travelling in Europe…).

Most treasured item…
My new house. Designed it basically from scratch and I’m incredibly proud of it.

Favourite city-escape…
The Mornington Peninsula. I love to head down there with mates for a round of golf at Flinders Golf Course and then head to T’Gallant Estate for an afternoon of wine and fresh sea air.

As the face of Expedia and with your role as host of The Mole, travelling is a big part of your life. Tell us 3 of your suitcase essentials…

  1. Always have a ‘stay fresh’ bag for your used socks/jocks. You can’t sully the rest of your clothes with those filthy things!
  2. Phrase book. It cannot hurt to know a phrase or two in the local tongue of wherever you’re going. Whether it’s “hello, how are you?”, “Excuse me, where are the toilets?” or perhaps even “you look beautiful tonight, Would you like to have a drink, oh that’s your boyfriend is it? I’ll be leaving now”, you never know when it will come in handy!
  3. Melatonin. I always find when I’m travelling, especially to countries on the other side of the world, that little boost to your sleep can help get you over the jet lag.

On the hunt for…
The perfect partner. Aren’t we all? Just a smart, funny, kind, caring, beautiful, interesting woman with two eyes and a body. I don’t ask much!

Name your favourite…

Menswear label/go-to menswear store?
For suits I love Dom Bagnato and Calibre.
For casual I’m a big fan of Autonomy and Nique.

Breakfast haunt?
Living in Balaclava/St Kilda there is no shortage of amazing places but it’s a tie between Galleon Café ,
Batch Espresso and Little Captain.

Place to work out?
I work out at the local PCYC in Inkerman St.
Great local community gym with all the facilities and an excellent boxing area. 

After dark retreat/place to party?
Carlisle Wine Bar or the Local Taphouse  for a great drink/chat. But if I’m venturing outside my postcode, I’d say Sentido Funf in Gertrude St.

  • This guy did an absolutely outstanding job. I was away filming ‘The Mole’ for 3 months and Jason helped design the fit out, organised the trades and made use of a small space to incredible effect. Couldn’t recommend more highly.