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Editor and founder of Est Magazine
As the editor and founder of Est Magazine, the features editor for The Weekly Review and the director of her own company SMP Design, Sian Macpherson is one busy entrepreneur. Specialising in creating and styling interiors that are both elegant and relaxed, Sian believes homes should reflect the personalities and lifestyles of their inhabitants. Sian lets us in on what’s currently on her radar…

Home is?
Constantly changing. For the past two years it has been Melbourne, but in four different houses. I don’t get attached to homes…

What do you do?
Editor in chief of Est magazine.

What are your favourite online design resources?
Remodelista is the go to source. I love the aesthetic… and Broadsheet for restaurant and café designs around Melbourne – editor Caroline Clements is on the ball within minutes of doors opening.

Why did you decide to start Est magazine?
Moving house so often, I found a real need to stop storing magazines, which lead to the idea of storing beautiful inspiring images on file on my laptop. Having met Est creative director Lynda Evans, after I commissioned her with the task of setting up a website for my interior design business, we bounced the idea around together of creating our own magazine to share with like-minded readers.We wanted to share Australian style with the world as everyone is so curious about what is happening down here, how we live, how we put things together and what influences us… we felt compelled to share!

What are some inexpensive ways to give your house personality?
I am a sucker for cushions and I actually think you can tell a lot about a person by the cushions on their sofa. Artwork is also great for injecting character and style.

What are your top tips to cultivate a great workspace?
For me it’s surrounding myself with can-do people. Solution finders make the work place so much more inspiring! I also think it’s important to bring positive energy to work with you – it makes those working in a confined space so much happier and more productive.

What’s the most common mistake people make when choosing paint colours for their home?
The most common mistake is not painting a section of the wall first with a sample pot of the colour. I am a little colour-phobic on walls – I only really do white and when it comes to feature walls…I am not a fan!

Best café in your local area?
Two Birds One Stone in South Yarra has me popping in a little too regularly. I love their chocolate chip and raisin cookies but don’t tell anyone as I am supposed to be espousing the virtues of my new sugar-free diet!

Who’s your online inspiration?
I have recently tried the Sarah Wilson “I Quit Sugar” e-book which I can recommend (and have several people now following as they have seen the proof in the sugar-free pudding). I have never felt better! I have so much energy getting out of bed in the morning, need less sleep and am so much more productive. Juggling so many different facets of my business as well as being a mother and wife, I can’t afford not to be bursting with energy. The days are so short and there is so much to pack into them!

“I Quit Sugar” e-book

  • The girls at Isis Beauty in Richmond are responsible for the glow. They give the best facials and have put me onto Ultraceuticals – I am now a devotee.