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Skye Anderton

Director and Designer at Ruby Olive JewelleryDirector and Designer at Ruby Olive Jewellery
Skye Anderton is the ‘chief dreamer’ and designer at Ruby Olive Jewellery. After living in London and working as a designer, product developer and buyer of fashion accessories for eight years, Skye returned to Brisbane to start Ruby Olive. Skye is passionate about using sustainable raw materials and producing products with an ethical heart. Having recently won the 2014 Young Business Woman of the Year (QLD), Skye is also a campaigner for International Women’s Rights and heavily supports The Hunger Project, helping to end the cycle of poverty in developing nations.

Skye Anderton

Home is…
Brisbane, QLD

What do you do?
Chief Dreamer, Designer, Director at Ruby Olive Jewellery

Who’s your favourite artist and why?
I can’t pick one as I have so many favourites for so many different reasons – but I do love photographers particularly ones that capture the amazing world around us in unique and quirky ways such as Yann Arthus-Bertrand (‘The Earth From The Air’) and Brandon Stanton (‘Humans of New York’).

Signature look?
Anything colourful.  I love jeans and a floaty top, and I love dresses. One thing is for sure, you’ll always find jewellery on me!

What would you spend your last $10 on?
A glass of bubbly…happiness makes everything better.

You recently were announced to be Queensland’s Telstra Young Businesswoman of The Year – what did it feel like to win?
Absolutely amazing, I can’t even describe how thrilled I was! I certainly didn’t expect to win; it was a crazy, overwhelming surprise.

Favourite city in the world and why?
Can I have three? Barcelona, London and Berlin – they all hold such special memories for my husband and I.

You have two little boys, how do you balance being a mother and wife with your two successful jewelry labels?
It’s a constant juggle, I never thought it would be so difficult to be honest but it’s certainly all worth it.  I am also lucky to have an amazingly supportive husband.

Your jewellery label Ruby Olive uses sustainably sourced materials, how important is ethics in business to you?
My entire business is centered on creating a purposeful business – from sustainable raw materials and ethical production right through to how I conduct my business on a day-to-day level.  Carrying out my business in an ethical manner is essential to my core values.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere and anywhere.  I’m very fortunate that I am never short of ideas. I find inspiration when I look out the window, when I am reminded of an overseas adventure or even when walking down the street.

Favourite memory?
Apart from my wedding day and the first week in my boy’s lives, the memory that sticks out for me as being awesome was when I received my first online order from someone I didn’t know.  What a thrilling feeling! That’s when I finally felt like I had a business.

What advice do you have for young aspiring designers?
- Love learning.  Keep on top of new technologies, business trends and insights. Find the courage to implement changes to strategically grow your brand.
- Be ready to change and evolve.  I’m a great believer that businesses need to keep evolving to stay ahead and you can never rest on your laurels. If something is not working change it, or if an opportunity presents – take it.
- Stay true to your brand values. I believe it’s important to really understand and know what your values are and how that feeds into your business, it’s also important to know how to translate that to your customers in an authentic way.
- Be Passionate. I live and breathe my business, I love it, and I dream about it. I put everything I have into it. I truly believe that it’s this love affair with my business that gives me the inner drive to keep pushing on during the ups and downs.

  • Running your own business means you’re always on the go – who’s your go-to for a last minute meeting venue?
  • The Chow House is great, they have free WiFi and even have a free meeting room upstairs