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Editor, Founder WY
Skye Tipler is the founder and director of a Melbourne-based marketing agency. Door to door posy sales, a neighbourhood car wash and lemonade stalls were early signs of a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial tendencies - the trend continued. As well as running her own successful business, Skye is the brains behind the Who’s Your? concept. She’s an avid cook obsessed with healthy living, a mad online shopper and coveter of all things black and bling. Skye is forever curious, eternally optimistic and always in the know…

What do you do…?
 I run a Marketing and Communications Agency

Home is…?
Melbourne….East St Kilda but I am on the move, location yet to be determined! 

Trend best forgotten…
A haircut that was short on one side and long on the other

Fastidious about?
What I eat…I avoid sugar and pretty much eat a paleo diet…I really believe you are what you digest, so keeping my digestive system in tip top shape is very important to me!


I have started fermenting things…I did a course on fermenting and I am obsessed! I love coconut kefir and my homemade lemon and ginger kombucha…

Before I walk out the door?
Normally I add a scarf to what ever I am wearing, I almost feel naked without one…my favourite is my Louis Vuitton Leopard in grey

As the founder of WY?, the owner of a busy agency and a Mum to 20 month old Pearl what are your tip tips to look and live your best…? 
1. Selfcare…I am big on looking after myself…from massage, reflexology, skin appointments to yoga and meditation my weekly diary always has some time-out scheduled
2. Food…we are all just the sum of our cells and these are made up of what we eat, the air we breath and sunlight we’re exposed to…we need the best quality of all 3!
3. Fashion…looking good is really important to me and in what I do, first impressions do count…I love Karl Largerfield and Ines de la Fressange’s (Parisian Chic) rules for dressing and style
4. Choose your attitude…for me, my happiness is all about choosing my attitude and accepting things are often uncertain. Live the roller coaster that is life…feel the highs and accept there will be some lows (they are probably not actually that bad if you unpack them rationally…!)
5. Swear, drink too much, fall over….and let lose every now and then! Its important not to take yourself and life too seriously…

  • I see an 'Integrated Doctor' at the National Institute for Integrative Medicine, her name is Pamela Dagely, she's amazing.