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Susie Robinson

Director of PR Darling
Susie Robinson is a go-to girl for all things PR. The fashion, art, lifestyle and beauty guru is the owner and director of PR Darling, based in Melbourne. With her finger constantly on the pulse and a natural knack for networking, Susie’s little pink book is filled with all the contacts chic women need and want.

Name: Susie Robinson

Home is… Kooyong, Melbourne 

What do you do?
PR Darling is my primary business, but I have a few others too!

How do you set your company apart from other PR businesses?
With PR Darling, we only represent brands that I personally love.

Most common mistakes PRs make?
Taking themselves FAR too seriously. Say what you like, we are not changing mankind.

What are your top five must-haves?

1. Diet Coke: I’m happily addicted.
2. La Belle Musique Mixtapes. On repeat. Day after day.
3. French champagne, German Riesling, Italian reds – all from Como Wine & Spirits. Speak with Robert. He knows things.
4. Fresh flowers from The Fresh Flower Man: they understand that flowers must come in abundant bunches of whites and greens only.
5. A REALLY good car stereo. If I’m going to happily sit in traffic, I’m going to need to listen to my music, my way.  See Ray @

What are you saving up for?
1. Fancy new wheels for my car – the right set of shoes really pulls together the entire outfit.
2. A second pair of Timberlands – in white. For the same reason listed above.
3. Dinner at The Fat Duck when it relocates to Melbourne for 6 months. Just in case I’m still lucky enough to get a table. *starts praying to all the dining gods*

What’s the last website you visited?
Etsy ( – I buy everything from fashion to home wares on Etsy if I can. I’m obsessed with buying one-offs and custom-made items from individuals and tiny companies. Having something that was made with love in your home is better for your soul than sitting around surrounded by IKEA. Also Cook Suck ( – tears of laughter every single visit.

What beauty product can’t live without?
Frank Coffee Scrub. There is absolutely no better scrub available anywhere else on the planet.

What are your favourite brands for…
Jeans: Cotton On. Unexpectedly perfect fit. And in my opinion, the true cost of denim.
Underwear: I am no longer a slave to underwear brands. My top drawer is a veritable smorgasbord.
Handbag: I’m not a designer bag kinda gal. I buy what I love with no concern for brand.
Shoes: Supra. The ultimate high top.

What’s your secret shopping gem?
Peony for the most incredible artisan fragrances. Speak to Jill.  She is a goddess.

You have $20 to buy breakfast, where do you head?
Straight to Porgie & Mr Jones for as many McPorgie’s as I can buy for $20 and a large full-fat latte sans sugar. To go.

Who are your top three contacts in your address book?
• Accountant / business advisor: David Jaffe ( He is understanding, calm, strong and clever and always pushing me to do my best and better. He also keeps all my financial affairs in order (not my strong point!)
• Hairdresser: the team at Conrad Mace. I have high-maintenance hair and they’re absolutely amazing – particularly if you’re obsessed with becoming/maintaining the perfect blonde.
• Cleaner: I am obsessed with living and working in super-clean spaces. Ellie is the best.  She cleans my home and office perfectly every single time. PH: 0469 406 240.

You always have flawless skin. Who’s your skincare guru?
James Vivian at James Vivian Dermal Therapies. The man is a skincare GOD.  I get the Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment.  It uses a combination of laser therapy, chemical peeling treatments and other topically applied active ingredients to create the most fabulous radiant glow. Go there. Do this. Now.


  • You’re always up with the hottest contacts in town! Who’s your favourite bartender for a delicious autumn cocktail?
  • Andy Wren @ 1806 ( never, ever fails to disappoint. And he’s handsome as hell to boot. For wine-focused drinking, the boys at Milton are the best in the business: