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Deputy editor by day and co-author of fashion blog, SOMEWEAR by night
From glossy pages to the digital realm, Tania Gomez has a voice that suits all mediums. Having worked on titles such as CLEO, Girlfriend and Total Girl, Tania has a keen eye for fashion and beauty trends, and loves sharing her latest obsessions. Since co-founding the blog SOMEWEAR with fellow mag-girl Liz Elton, web savvy fashionistas can get a daily dose of the looks Tania and Liz deem covet-worthy. Who’s Your? asks Tania for her top shopping tips, how to stay on-trend from season to season and more…

Home is?
Where I store my shoes, which also happens to be on the North Shore of Sydney.

What do you do?
I’m a deputy editor by day and co-author of fashion blog, SOMEWEAR by night.

You’re an expert in
Painting my own nails.

Can you tell us how SOMEWEAR came to life?
SOMEWEAR is a joint collaboration with my friend, Liz Elton. We’re both magazine girls, love fashion, have a weakness for shopping and adore pretty things so we figured why not do something productive with it. We wanted to offer more than your standard fashion blog fare, so we’ve attempted to translate the fashion magazine experience online.

Where do you get inspiration for your blog?
Where to begin? Magazines, fashion websites, Instagram, shopping, cool girls on the street and random discussions Liz and I have while getting coffee are all sources of inspiration. Sometimes it can strike in the most unexpected places!

Can you describe your personal style?
It’s a mixed bag! I’m not averse to trying a trend but most of the time I like to look classic in simple tailored pieces. I’m also a bit of a stickler for everything working together, so that means everything has to be cohesive from head-to-toe – hair, nails, outfit, everything! I have a soft spot for Olivia Palermo’s style, she can’t do anything wrong!

You’re an expert shopper. What are some tricks of the trade you can share with our readers?
Whenever I’m thinking about a purchase, I always ask myself, “If this were in my cupboard right now, would I really reach for it?” More often than not this seems to make up my mind for me. Also, I pay attention to little details. Is the stitching up to scratch? Is the fabric a good quality? Will it need to be altered? These are all things you should consider when shopping.

Fashion tip for the season?
My shortcut for looking instantly pulled together and updating what I’m wearing is a manicure in the colours of the season. Right now I’m all about neon and pastel shades. If your hands look awesome, so does the rest of you by default.

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