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Tania Zaetta

TV Host, Actress, Founder of Tania Zaetta’s ‘6 Week Trim & Tone’
An Australian household name with her many TV and film achievements including Who Dares Wins, Baywatch and being the first foreigner to conquer the world’s largest film industry – Bollywood - Tania Zaetta is renowned for her tireless energy and enthusiasm. As a saavy business woman, Tania is now using her Pilates and Natural Beauty Therapy Certifications to help women everywhere achieve a long, lean, healthy body for life.

Tania Zaetta

Home is…
Blairgowrie on the Mornington Peninsula and Potts Point in NSW

What do you do?
TV Host, Actress, Founder of Tania Zaetta’s ‘6 Week Trim & Tone’ Online Pilates Weightloss Program as well as being a Health, Fitness, Beauty Celebrity Writer and Blogger.

People are surprised to hear that I…
Am a Certified Pilates & Pilates Barre Instructor as well as a qualified Natural Beauty Therapist. Health, fitness, and nutrition have been a part of my everyday life since I was a teenager. Leading a balanced life and keep trim and toned has always been my passion, even long before I entered into TV and films. 

What do you always carry?
Zip lock bag of nuts and sultanas for a snack, Beyond Coconut Water to keep me hydrated and pictures on my phone of my handsome devils, my partner Chris and puppy Captain Charlie.

Therapy for me is…
Actually exercising! Preferably on a sunny tropical island surrounded by crystal clear water… failing that – a Yoga mat anywhere anytime so I can do my Pilates. It’s amazing how great you feel once those happy exercise endorphins kick in and how energised your body feels with a bit of lengthening and strengthening. I have a very bad back and Pilates a few times a week keeps my strong core strong and helps rid me of horrible pack pain.

Best way to relax after a stressful day?
We live on the beach on the Mornington Peninsula so when I’m not working in Melbourne or Sydney my favourite way to end everyday is a sunset walk on the beach with Chris while we watch little Captain Charlie play and chase seagulls. It’s our family outing each night.

Morning beauty routine?
 I call this my ‘Glowing Skin Routine’ and teach it to Women’s Corporate Groups on the speaking circuit so they too can get the benefits and help to slow down the signs of ageing. To cleanse I use Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12% and exfoliate with Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%. For some extra skin polishing I use the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush in the shower to help refines pores and produce glowing clear skin. I then follow up with a hydrating and nourishing moisturiser and finish with a once over with my Home Dermal Roller to help stimulate Collagen production and increase blood flow so my skin looks flawless, glowing and even toned.

I’m the happiest when…
I’m with my boyfriend Chris, he makes me laugh, smile and feel loved every minute of the day. He offers me a world of support and hugs with every new venture I take. He makes me want to be the best version of myself I can possibly be :)

You lead an active lifestyle and love to keep in shape. What’s your favourite workout outfit?
Having recently launched my  Online Pilates Program for weightloss and a better way of life for the long term, I find I need more workout gear than ever as I’m constantly filming new Online Workout Videos and demonstrating my ‘tight tummy’ firm butt’ exercises with Corporate Women’s Groups. My everyday training musts are Lululemon’s ¾ tights – the seams down the leg are very complimentary to a woman’s body shape, teamed with lots of Lorna Jane colorful training tops and jackets.

As a former host of ‘Who Dares Wins’, we want to know what your biggest fear is?
Would you believe I’m actually scared of everything! I’ve filmed many action shows around the world and when I look back I can’t believe the things I’ve done! Jumping off buildings and swimming with Great White Sharks are huge fears of mine yet I’ve now done both many times. It’s a great sense of achievement and gives you a very real ‘I can do anything’ feeling after you do something – like walk a plank between 2 hot air balloons flying at 1000 ft!

Your friends always comment on something about you?
I’m always asked by friends, in interviews and on the Speaking Circuit ‘how I keep trim and toned’ especially now I’m in my 40’s, hence making all my meals, recipes, tips and tricks plus exercises and workouts now available in my 6 Week Trim & Tone program. They’re great to do ‘at home’ or ‘on the go’ and many of my girlfriends, including Dannii Minogue, do my online workouts on their iPhones in hotels when they’re travelling to keep in shape.

  • Having such a varied career as yours takes dedication and vision, who’s your mentor that assists you in reaching your goals?
  • Shannah Kennedy is the perfect mentor to bounce ideas off, she can help give you objective feedback to keep you on track with your goals and keep you moving forward. Shannah has been my Lifecoach for 15 years and I’m always extra inspired and motivated after spending an hour session with her.