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Terri Winter

Founder and Creative Style Director for top3 by design
Terri Winter is a wife, mother, designer and Australian entrepreneur who is fuelled by a passion to unearth the best designs on the planet and share them with a wider audience. Terri believes that creative design is everywhere and works tirelessly to bring top3 fans an edited selection of the very best. She’s just like a kid on Christmas morning when new products arrive in the warehouse — spurring on the hunt for the next amazing piece to add to the top3 collection.

Terri Winter

Home is…
Northbridge – Sydney

What do you do?
I am the founder, head buyer and creative style director for top3 by design.

Your idea of happiness?
A cold glass of white wine whilst overlooking the snowy mountains below an Austrian Mountain hut after a morning of blue sky skiing with my husband and two boys.

What makes you cringe?
Poor quality copies of classic, authentic design pieces.

Should women wear matching underwear?
I do like coordinating my underwear with my outfit that day! Even though no one can see, it makes you feel very in control. Your underwear is primarily worn for you – not for others – it makes YOU feel good about your day, and if it makes your man feel good too … then there’s nothing wrong with that!

Favourite design product of all time and why?
The Bauhaus Chess set by Josef Hartwig. It is an incredibly modern piece of design from 1923 and exemplifies perfectly the concept of form and function in design – with neither compromising the other. The style of each piece reflects the move it makes, the bishop is a cross, the queen a round top (can go anywhere) the King is a square to represent limited square movement and so on.

top3 by design is almost thirteen years old, what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from a decade in business?
The biggest lesson I have learnt is that things will never be “finished”. Retail is ever changing, and customers’ needs change even more rapidly. You have to love the pace and love change, and not be concerned that you never seem finished – that is the beauty of it – it is always changing and fresh! That, and delegating, is still the hardest thing to master. Other people can often do things BETTER than you can – so let them.

Top three skin staples?
1. Lanolips lip-gloss and hand lotion. The lip-gloss is nourishing and glossy but not sticky so it doesn’t get stuck in your hair, and hand cream is super rich.
2. Laura Mercier Primer (and foundation!)
3. Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Refiner

  • Your stores and home always need maintenance, who’s your electrician when the lights go out?
  • John Luzi is a great Guy, we have used him for 13 years!