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Founder of Social Diary
Tiffany Farrington always has her name on the guest list! The event queen has worked in public relations for over a decade and since closing her business, Breakfast PR, has launched Social Diary (, a subscription-based service to keep you (and the industry) in-the-know about Sydney and Melbourne’s frantic social scene. When she’s not dressing up and slamming down canapés, you’ll often find her blogging about the latest scandals and her day-to-day musings at

Tiffany Farrington.

Home is?
Paddington, Sydney.

What do you do?
I am the founder of Social Diary ( and personal publicist for Curtis Stone.

You’re an expert in?
PARTIES! My Dad laughs that I’ve taken something frivolous and created an entire career around it. I love all parties – the big, the small, the brilliant, even the horrendous (gives me something to laugh about and learn from).

You’re passionate about?
My travels and my dog, Fang.

What’s your poison?
Shiraz. I converted from white wine to red about five years ago and can’t imagine going back.

What are you reading?
I always have at least two books on the go that I switch between depending on my mood – at the moment it’s “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro (I love anything in the dystopian genre) and “The Wolf of Wall Street” by Jordan Belfort.

What’s your fave outfit when you’ve only got five minutes to dress?
Having worked in events for years, I’ve now got it down to a fine art – I get ready quicker than a straight man! My go-to outfit is a long flowing maxi and jeweled sandals – out the door in 30 seconds flat!

The media write a lot about your dog! Can you tell us who’s your vet?
Fang thinks he’s a bit of a superstar (and of course he is). His vet is Jersey Road Vets and he also loves Happy Paws Fitness ( for a once-a-week doggie daycare treat. I can even watch him on doggie-cam while he’s there, it’s hilarious.

What are your top 3 essentials for the perfect night?
A mischievous attitude, the perfect partner in crime and a blowdry from Josh at The Blowdry Boutique.

The Blowdry Boutique
Shop 8, Bay Village
28 – 34 Cross St
Double Bay NSW 2028
Ph: (02) 9328 3887


Shop 1, 573 Military Road
Mosman NSW 2088
Ph: (02) 9968 3016

Can you recommend any websites to help with planning a party?
My blog has some tips and tricks: The BEST site for international events is – some amazing ideas there.

What are your key rules to being the perfect party host?
Project a sparkling personality even if you’re in a bad mood – your guests have made the effort to attend, don’t drag them down. Work the room and chat to everyone. Make people feel special and make sure no one is on their own looking frightened! Introduce people with meaningful information about the other so they immediately connect and have something to talk about.

What about rules for being the perfect guest?
Bring something in the way of energy to a party. Dazzle! If you’re in a bad mood – STAY HOME! Your host has done the majority of the work, so do a little bit yourself and be an entertaining, desirable guest. You’ll always be invited back.

Any other dinner party secrets you can share?
Anyone can just cook dinner and invite friends over. I love Curtis’ advice to get your guests involved in the process in a really fun way. For example, as soon as they walk in the door, hand them a drink and get them involved in making some canapés, all chatting together in the kitchen. I’m also a believer in a great dinner party game after some wine has been consumed or going around the table and answering one interesting question – little touches like this can lift your dinner party into the realm of the truly memorable.

What’s your go-to dish for entertaining that’s quick and easy?
Not many people say no to fresh, peeled prawns dipped in aioli! The humble chicken sandwich (perfectly prepared and sliced into delicate fingers) is also always a crowd-pleaser at boozy parties (they soak up the alcohol!). I love making huge bowls of colourful fruit-laden punch, particularly when there are lots of people over, so they can help themselves.

What’s your favourite Sydney venue for a …
First date – I was taken on a first date recently to life drawing at The Arthouse Hotel. I thought this was a really fun, creative way to break the ice and get to know each other. I also think LL Wine & Dine ( is the perfect daytime date – they do an amazing modern yum cha on Sundays with live music – it’s such a gem.
Out-of-town guest – Anywhere with a quintessentially Sydney view. My picks are Bennelong at The Opera House or Icebergs down at Bondi.
Intimate dinner – Spice Temple in the city. It’s dark, candlelit and the food is very sexy and spicy.
Night out with gals – I love Beach Haus in Kings Cross because it’s more like a bar than a club but you still can dance!

  • The best caterer i've ever worked with is Savva Savvas of Plated Catering. He has never let me down over the past 10 years. Pure genius.