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Author and trainer
Best known for her personal trainer gig on The Biggest Loser, Tiffiny is a girl of many talents. Alongside The Biggest Loser, she also appeared as a regular on The Circle, holds a black belt in taekwondo, has her own fitness book and has recently made a foray into children’s literature. Known for her dedication to healthy eating and preference for exercise over fad diets, we ask Tiffiny to share her expert weight loss advice.

Home is?

What do you do?
Author and trainer

What’s your mantra?
Not a mantra but Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken. “I took the (road) less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”

What is your favourite cookbook?
Shameless plug alert! My cookbook, Tiffiny Hall’s Lighten Up (to be released in November). I know the recipes work to help you tone up, lose weight and stay mentally sharp, and they’re anything but boring!

My must haves…
A strong long black. My favourite café at the moment is Found Off Chapel (430-436 Chapel Street , South Yarra, VIC). It’s the cosiest, friendliest, happiest café and they don’t mind you altering the menu.
- My dobok and black belt (taekwondo uniform)
- Books – anything by David Sedaris
- Comedy – at the moment I’m loving Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
- Chanel flats

Top health rules to live by?
Sweat is the new black. Sweat means you are training intensely and eliciting a training response. If you’re not sweating, you’re not working hard enough. Also, spend as much time in your ‘mind gym’ as possible. Train in positive thinking, daydreaming and mental resilience. You are what you think!

What are some effective exercises that readers can do at home?
- Bedroom boxing – boxing with a partner using pillows as bags.
- Water bottle get-ups – fill 4L bottles and use them as weights for squats, lunges, biceps curls and overhead press.
- Chair dips – advance the exercise by placing a weighty coffee table book in your lap.
- Fridge push-ups – lean up against the fridge and push yourself away from it.
- Couch kicks – with your hands on the arm of the couch, kick one leg out at a time.
- Laundry basket lifts – lift the laundry basket above your head when full of wet clothes.
- Ab ad breaks – work your abs with sit-ups for the duration of every commercial break.

Is there a secret to getting rid of cellulite?
Eat well, move your body consistently, drink lots of water and don’t eat cellulite feeders such as salty, sugary or high trans-fat foods. Weight loss is 90% nutrition. Find awesome healthy recipes and eat well to kill cellulite.

Your skin is always radiant. Who’s your go-to for getting that glow?
I recommend Advanced Skin Technology Aspect range. The Aspect, CosMedix and SkinMedica range are fantastic vitamin treatments that give your skin a work out without the chemicals. Heaven!

You are known for your healthy lifestyle. Who’s your nutritional nurturer?
I can’t live without my Nature’s Way vitamins. I take Nature’s Way super-strength fish oils for my brain and skin as well as the Super Strength Vitamins E, C and B Vitamins to combat stress and fatigue.

  • My father is still my coach and my training partner. He has taught me taekwando since I was four and we train together at our club, Hall’s Taekwondo. He has trained me all the way to fifth Dan black belt (14 years of training after black belt!).