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Co-founder of The Jojoba Company
Vicki co-founded The Jojoba Company with her father, a company that produces all natural skincare products featuring pure Australian jojoba. A firm believer in using healthy natural products on your skin, Vicki’s products are not only good for yourself but also the earth. Who’s Your? finds out Vicki’s beauty secrets, plus her tips to building a successful business.

Home is?
Sydney, NSW

What do you do?
As product manager and co-founder of The Jojoba Company, I manage the formulation of all products, regulations and graphics as well as plan new product releases. I also visit our national and international clients and scout for new business.

What’s one beauty product you can’t live without?
Pure Jojoba – I use it all over my body every day. If I miss a day, my body craves it!

What is your favourite cookbook?
Michelle Bridges’ Crunch Time. Some fantastic healthy every day recipes in there which are simple and easy to make and very tasty!

What are some of the best beauty tips on a budget you can share with us?
1. Use papaya as an exfoliator on the skin. Rub the flesh onto your skin with muslin cloth in a circular motion and leave on for 30 minutes. You will achieve a deep exfoliation and your skin will be smooth and renewed.

2. Add sugar or ground coffee beans (full of antioxidants) to your favourite oil (jojoba is fantastic for this) and rub all over the face and body for a great all over exfoliation.

Are there any ingredients in skincare products that teens should stay away from?
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). This is used in thousands of cosmetic products and is used to create lather in foaming products. It dries skin and hair and can cause eczema in some people. In teens it can dry the skin out so much that the skin begins to overproduce oil to compensate, sometimes causing acne type breakouts.

Also avoid Parabens (listed as methyl propyl, butyl), widely used as preservatives. They have been linked to hormone function imbalance and have been detected in breast tumours – not good for teens who are already struggling with hormone balance.

 You obviously have the beauty basics covered. Who’s your go-to for…
- Smelling sensual: Viktor+Rolf – Flower Bomb
- Hydrated skin: The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream
- Elegant eyes: Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Look
- Perfect hair: Pravana Naturaceuticals
- A sun-kissed glow: I just love Vani-T’s self-tanning mousse. It is an amazing colour and is streak free and smells great too!
- Cosmetics without the chemicals: I also just love INIKA mineral foundation. It’s an organic natural foundation and primer and gives a natural, smooth look.

My must-haves…
- My training shoes – Brooks Trance 11. I love them!
- Jojoba for my skin, hair, face, body
- My Nespresso coffee machine
- My Laura Mercier natural lip gloss
- My puppy, a Cavoodle named Ellie. She gives me unconditional love and cuddles (and is my motivation to exercise). Also, my gorgeous son and husband.

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