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Victoria Montano

Owner of B Lux Luxury online store
With a background in property, Victoria Montano put her career on hold to raise her young son and was inspired to launch her online business B Lux, an online luxury fashion store for children, giving Australian mums access to the industry’s top kids collections from global luxury designers. Victoria’s concept behind the online store came from the desire to shop for her toddler as if she were walking the streets of Paris or Milan - all from the comfort of her Sydney home! A fashion, food and fitness addict, wife and mother - Victoria is one busy fashion entrepreneur!

Name: Victoria Montano

Home is… North Bondi, Sydney NSW

What do you do?
Owner of B Lux luxury online store – same day door to door delivery of luxury brands such as Kenzo, Junior Gaultier, Little Marc Jacobs, Hugo BOSS and DKNY for kiddies new born to six years old.

What’s your signature look?
I like pieces that have structure. I like waistlines, hemlines and pieces that are tailored and fitted to perfection. My signature style would be sharp and short with a dash of colour. My accessories usually nude or tan, simply because I just find it easier to pull a great look together quickly with some neutral accessories.

Since becoming mum to your young son, what has surprised you most about motherhood?
The biggest surprise about becoming a mother is how readily you can bend and mould your old life to your new. I have definitely found that things have changed, but it seems that they are just variations of what we did or what we had in the past. A great example of this has been holidays. My husband and I are great travellers and we were concerned about this, BUT, having Xavier as a travel buddy has easily made all our trips more memorable and fun!

You left a career in property to start an online luxury children’s boutique B Lux – what was the catalyst for this change? What sets B Lux apart from other luxury retailers?
The catalyst for the change was my son – and it was across to facets of life pertaining to myself as a mother. Firstly, I wanted to do something that I loved now that I had a child. Hours away from him had to be spent not wishing I was at home watching Play School and mucking around with trucks! Secondly, I have always been a fashion addict and come from a long line of fashionistas – my mother had her own very successful accessories company for over 20 years and my Grandmother was the head buyer for Mark Foys back in the day. When Xavier tuned one I just had this moment where it was like… Ok it’s time. I am going into fashion.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever had to do for work?
That is a question that an ex–real estate girl cannot fully answer!

Who is your current style muse?
If we could morph Victoria Beckham with Eva Mendez and add a dash of Kimmy K… there you would find my style muse. I don’t like things that are overly ripped or look old. Crisp clean and fresh.

How do you balance time for yourself and your relationship with time for your son and while running your own business? What is your favourite way to unwind?
I meditate everyday (well at least 4 times a week lol) for 10-20 minutes. I do yoga twice a week and a weights train twice per week also. The only way to balance being a mum, a wife, a business owner and being yourself… is to get a bit selfish with it all sometimes. My husband knows for example that on Saturdays between 8am and 10am – I am unavailable!

What has been your biggest fashion blunder?
I am going to be really annoying and say that I have none. I used to dress like a crazy hippy when I was 14 -17 – but the thing is… it was in fashion! Sure when I look back the photos of my green hair and my nose ring I cringe, but, it was so cool back then! Fashion is just a way to express yourself. A form of living walking art. Every year, everyday, I grow and change. My style does too. I regret none of it.

Describe your typical day?
5am Wake up and try and squeeze in meditation and 45 minutes of work before baby wakes (I say baby but he is almost 2.5!!)
6am – 8am Breakfast and hang out with Bear. This is our special time
9am – Meet my Nanny at the gym or yoga or similar
11am – 3pm Work work work
3pm – 7pm Bear and Husband time. My husband leaves for work at 4am and gets home by 4pm each arvo. We have dinner or go to the beach or even just chill and watch TV!!!
8pm – 11pm Emails and work
11-11.30 Often I try and mediate myself to sleep

What does luxury mean to you?
To me luxury is a combination of flamboyance, elegance and timelessness. That could be a bag from Louis Vuitton or a luxury car. Something that stands out from the crowed without ever going out of style.

Ultimate holiday destination?
There are two that are on equal footing – Positano at Villa Tre Ville simply for its nostalgic decadence and the way it effortlessly pairs luxury with an organic way of living. And Aspen – The Little Nell, simply the ultimate ski holiday on every level. The concierge claims to be the best in the world and challenge you to test them out. It’s lots of fun!

What was your first designer purchase? Do you still wear/use it?
My first designer purchase was a pair of D&G pumps when I was 18 years old. No they are long gone – but their memory lives on… Forever.

  • Being a business owner and new mum can take away from your beauty time! Who’s your go-to crew for keeping you glam?
  • Nadine Veverka is my go-to for beauty, and changed my life after I had Bear. She’s mobile and comes direct to you. The best thing about this is I can get a spray tan or my nails done at 8pm while I do emails and the baby is asleep!