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Walter and Dorota Trupp

Run Trupp Cooking School
Husband and wife, Walter and Dorota Trupp, are the brains behind Trupp Cooking School where the pair host communal, private and corporate cooking classes with the aim to encourage healthier eating while saving time and money. Walter is a highly renowned chef with a strong passion for biodynamic and organic foods, while Dorota is a practicing nutritionist who focuses on repairing and maintaining the keystone of human health – the digestive system. Together, Dorota and Walter are the perfect pair to head up the popular cooking school, empowering students to make optimal health choices. In 2011 the Trupps’ published Trupp’s Wholefood Kitchen cookbook, bringing their love of food and healthly living into the comfort of Australian homes.

Walter and Dorota Trupp

Home is?
East Melbourne, next to the City and Fitzroy Gardens. Feels like you live in a Village but have all the necessities of a big city with the most romantic front garden.

What do you do?
We run a cooking school in South Yarra, next to the Prahran market, Trupp Cooking School.


It’s a luxury but a kitchen isn’t complete without…
Walter: German drop forged knives and an oversized heavy wooden chopping board. Bad knives and a small chopping board are like listening to music on a phone without earplugs. Working with top knives and a large board feels like siting in a concert hall.

My secret weapon in the kitchen is…
The Electrolux TurboPro Multifunction Food Processor – 700W. Since introducing one into my kitchen I hardly use any other appliances.

Most overlooked kitchen necessities are…
Walter: Spices, but never buy ground spices (except for paprika, cinnamon and turmeric) as they go rancid after a few hours of grinding due to their high oil content.  Imagine buying ground coffee, opening it and leaving it in on the shelf for several months, it would not make a good coffee and with spices it’s exactly the same. Only buy spices in small amounts.

Last supper…
Walter: I’m too young to think about that but the wine could be Giacoma Conterno Monfortino Barolo with Mahler’s second symphony as background music.


In my office, I couldn’t live without…
My printer. This machine is always in use as I print notes for my students daily. If the printer cartridge runs dry or my printer dies, I get seriously distressed!

The best piece of diet advice I could give…
Dorota: Think back to your roots, to the home you grew up in. What did your parents and grandparents eat? You may benefit by adapting your diet so that it’s similar to what they ate. People often forget that the human body hasn’t had much time to adapt to all the recent developments in food processing and manufacturing. Respect your desires and where you come from and stick to whole foods. You might just create the perfect diet for yourself!

My favourite sites for online references and research are…
- Weston A. Price Foundation. This nonprofit nutrition education foundation website is for everyone who would like to learn about our nutritional habits pre-industrialisation and get more holistic view on food as a medicine.
- The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This subscription website is for practitioners dedicated to research in animal and human nutrition.

The top 3 supplements or snacks I recommend for on-the-go/time poor people…

Bananas – Carbohydrate snacks are very useful for bringing low blood glucose levels back to normal and avoiding that mid-afternoon slump you often experience at work. A banana gives a sustained, substantial boost of energy. The riper the banana, the quicker it is digested and converted to muscle fuel. Scientific research has confirmed that bananas have significant antioxidant power, and that they are the best fruit source of Vitamin B6 and a good source of Vitamin C. They also contain lectins, which have been strongly linked to a reduction in the risk of cancer. As far as I am concerned, those reasons are enough for me to keep bananas in my handbag when I’m on the go.

Nuts – Fresh, organic and unsalted nuts are one of the best foods out there to make you feel satisfied due to their high content of beneficial fats and proteins. They are also packed with many essential minerals such as Calcium and vitamins such as fat-soluble Vitamin E. Furthermore, they’re easily stored and they last a long time. This treat is my number two favourite snack.

Green smoothies – This drink will keep you going for hours. I often make one in the morning and take it with me to work in a thermos. I usually use a blend of green vegies such as kale, lettuce, green peas, spinach, celery and avocado, with the addition of chia seeds or flaxseeds, as well as fruits. I use coconut water as the base, or vegetable stock with a touch of lemon. It contains good levels of powerful antioxidants and many essential nutrients that support detoxification.


  • You’re known for being Melbourne’s premium cooking school. So tell us, Who’s Your green grocer?
  • For top quality, fresh organic produce that is affordable! We have been shopping there for almost twelve years now and became friends with the owner, Scott. We like his passion and campaigning regards GMO foods.