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Writer and Blogger
Recognise this smile? Zoe Foster is a regular star of the social pages and our go-to girl on all matters related to relationships and sex. Carrie Bradshaw, much? After stints as Beauty & Lifestyle Editor at Cosmopolitan, Beauty Director at Harper’s Bazaar and launch editor of successful beauty-bible site, Primped, she’s currently contributing editor at Mamamia.com.au and a dating columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine. Got a beauty question? Zoe has you covered: from how to get eyeliner to stay, to applying make-up pre-dawn (before she wakes up)!

Home is?

What do you do?
I’m a writer.

You’re an expert in…
I wouldn’t say expert, but I do know a lot about beauty, and I am fascinated by relationships so I write on those too. I also consider myself fairly knowledgeable in the area of pancakes.

What inspired you to turn your hand to novel writing?
I was feeling a bit stagnant/jittery in my job at the time and needed something else as a creative outlet. (Twitter and Tumblr were clearly not yet invented.)

After writing a book on love, romance and men, you must be a bit of a guru! So tell us, what’s the biggest mistake women make early in dating?
Investing too much, too soon! If he makes contact and wants to see you, he exists. Until then, just get on with things. Oh, and do let him call or contact you first – don’t wear Crocs on your date.

Any tips you can share on navigating first dates?
I say let him ask you out, and let him choose the venue, and let him pay. (A lot of people label me a traditionalist, but that’s only because I am.) After that, you can mix it up, but for the first date, let him lead. Oh, and kiss the heck out of each other if you want to – but don’t roll in any hay.

What kinds of books do you line your bookshelves with?
Humourists, beautiful design/interior books, and a stack of self-help books with atrocious titles and covers but I love self-help books. (I really do) They’ve helped shape who I am today.

What’s your fave bookstore?
Ariel in Paddington, NSW. They have such an elegant selection of books, and such generous, lovely displays, and they don’t glare at me, if (“when”), I spend an hour in there flicking though their wares. Also, they sell Haigh’s chocolates. HAIGH’S!

Ariel Books
42 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW, 2021
(02) 9332 4581

What’s your secret style weapon?
Liquid bronzer. It immediately freshens up the face, and makes the teeth and eyes ludicrously white. Apply it with a blush brush and buff it in.

What are your top three beauty secrets?
I can’t really class them as secrets, because I’ve definitely told them to a lot of people, but ‘top’ and ‘three’ and beauty’ still apply.
1. Your face stops at your boobs. Everything you do to your face to keep it looking radiant and youthful, you must be doing down to your boobs – especially sunscreen and night cream.
2. Invest in a serum for your skin’s specific needs. Serum is the one skincare item that can make a difference. Apply at night on clean skin under your night cream.
3. Never wash your hair on the day you need it to look good. Second-day hair will always sit better and style better.

Who’s your go-to brand for …
Perfume: Tom Ford and Jo Malone
Face cream: Sodashi and Ultraceuticals
Mascara: Bobbi BrownCliniqueMAC
Hair styling: Pantene
Cleanser: Priori or Gernetic

  • James at Barney Martin. He is pedantic about hair colour, treats it like science, and that is precisely what I want when I am doing a major colour change. I told him I wanted zero red tones, and he did such an extraordinary job that even after a few months the colour is entirely red-free. Splendid!