June 26 2013

Change of season is upon us and as we transition from summer to winter our immune systems can take a hit.  We’ve asked wellness expert Natasha Mason for her top tips to be well this change in season…


1. Prevent colds and flus! I am loving wild oregano oil – nature’s medicine chest in a bottle. I add a few drops to my daily ritual of oil pulling with organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Wild oregano oil is a natural anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory! So, if you do catch any winter germs, you’ll be prepared to fight them off! I buy mine at Shop Neutral in the Prahran Market where they give you a great information sheet about its many uses. Or, you can buy online from iherb.

2. As the year goes on, we start to forget all of the good intentions we set out to improve our health at the start of the year. As schedules get busy remember to look after your body! It’s about balance in life: food, exercise and fun! Remind yourself of this when the excuses start!

3. Drink lots of water! It cleanses, detoxes and really does make your skin glow. A simple tip but it is something that’s so easy to forget! Try and choose filtered water where possible.

4. Speaking of skin, this is a great time to look at your skincare and perhaps alter your regime a little. Winter tends to dry out our skin as we spend more time indoors where we’re exposed to heaters and dry environments. Face oils in the evening or under your moisturiser (for very dry skin) works a treat to combat this issue! An organic rosehip oil works well, so too does any cold pressed organic oil such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil or even avocado oil. Nourished skin need not be expensive skin!

5. Finally, a change of season is the perfect time to take your body through a controlled detox or cleanse. Anywhere from three to five days is sufficient. This could be a cold pressed juice only cleanse or a more gentle cleanse by removing acidic foods in order to alkalise your body. Please do your research before starting any detox and make sure you contact a Naturopath to discuss what will work best for you!