Let’s Get Juicy!

November 06 2014

Juice cleanses have definitely held their place for a few years now in the health and wellness arena, but their popularity continues to expand. Once only available to those living in inner city Melbourne and Sydney, juice cleanse programs are available across the country.

We have rounded up the best juice cleanse companies around Australia for you to get your nutritional juice fix!


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Pressed Juice 

One of Melbourne’s most well known juice brands, Pressed Juice offers cold pressed juice cleanse deliveries, as well as individual juices at their nine retail stores across Melbourne. Pressed Juice also has several stores in NSW and one in Adelaide.


FINN Cold Press Juice

FINN Cold Press Juice was launched by yoga aficionado and healthy living advocate Martine, who fell in love with cold press juices while in New York City.
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Greene St. Juice Co.

One of Melbourne’s newest cold pressed juice offerings, Greene St. Juice Co has brought their New York City inspired options to their retail store in Prahran. Named after iconic NYC references such as the BDFM subway line, Greene St. Juice Co is definitely making waves in the juice scene.

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KARMIC Juice Cleanse

Founded by two Melbourne men, Sam and Will, KARMIC Cold Pressed Juice joined the Melbourne juice scene in 2013. We love their bottle design, and the fact that there is over 8kg of raw vegetables in every two-day juice cleanse!



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Pure Glow Cleanse

As Perth’s first juice cleanse delivery, Pure Glow Cleanse is top of the game in WA. Pure Glow enlisted the expertise of Perth nutritionist Angela Ferguson to help design the most nutritionally balanced and beneficial juices for your body.



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Lucky You Cleanse

Lucky You Cleanse is a Sydney-based juice cleanse that has recently expanded into Singapore. Often seen in the hands of glowing celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Jesinta Campbell, Lucky You has been growing in popularity and now has over 16,000 Instagram fans, as well as being stocked in Thomas Dux and selected Woolworths supermarkets.


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Orchard St.

Orchard St. uses 100% certified organic and locally sourced produce in their juices, with a focus on alkalising juices to benefit the body’s natural healing and acid neutralizing process. Orchard St. also incorporate natural Australian native bush plants such as kakadu plum, illawarra plums, native mint and finger limes.



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Bodhi Cleanse

Designed and backed by naturopath Karina Pike, Bodhi Cleanse is Adelaide’s premium juice cleanse that is regularly sold out, thanks to the high demand from South Australia’s health-conscious. Bodhi use glass bottles to avoid harmful BPAs, and offer a $10 voucher for your next cleanse when you recycle your bottles with them.



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Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy is one of Australia’s first and now largest juice cleanse delivery services, supplying juice cleanses, smoothies and soups to regions in Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. Urban Remedy offer 12 variations of cleanses, targeted to your specific issues, whether it be immunity, metabolism or the need for a detox.