October 04 2012

New to Who’s Your?

Claire Vyverberg is a Melbourne based makeup artist, beauty blogger and product hunter. Claire is the go-to girl for many fabulous faces and has a passion for helping women maximize their skin’s potential. Look out for her Who’s Your? posts on skincare from the inside and out, make-up, treatments, trade tips and all the tricks.

Laying the Foundations

Whether you are a mum on the run, have a diary full of enviable party invitations or you’re just looking for an everyday look – there is one essential makeup bag staple that you simply must get right…your foundation.

How to find your perfect base…

1. Decide on your glow factor

First thing is first. You need to determine which ‘look’ or ‘finish’ you think suits your skin best. Keep it simple and decide between matte or dewy. If your t-zone tends to get oily and shiny all on it’s own, stick with a mattifying base that absorbs excess oil. If you are dehydrated or have a dry skin type, focus more on glow-inducing foundations that encourage luminosity and radiance.

2. Cover to Cover

The next big decision when it comes to finding your ultimate foundation fit is to decide on what level of coverage you like best.

Sheer Coverage is the lightest of all formulas. These foundations are more like tinted moisturisers and will simply even out your skin tone and give you a natural, fresh faced, ‘no makeup’ complexion.

Medium Coverage foundations are the perfect everyday companion for women who favor more adequate coverage to hide imperfections and an all-day base that can take you from day to night.

Full Coverage foundations are for those wanting substantial coverage that masks the natural skin tone or complexion. A popular choice for acne sufferers, sun damaged skin, pigmentation issues or those who simply prefer a more noticeable yet flawless ‘made-up’ complexion.

3. Research and Sample

Don’t let the impeccably groomed sales assistant at the beauty counter talk you into buying on the spot. The only way to know if a foundation is suitable for your individual skin type is to sample the product on your skin and decide for yourself. The most important thing to remember is to assess the colour and finish in natural daylight, never trust the lighting inside a shopping centre or store, and finally, quiz the sales assistant on product specifics. You should ask what to expect in terms of wear/durability, whether they recommend layering a primer underneath and how it is best applied. Eg. using a brush/sponge or finger tips.

Stick to these trusted tips, read online reviews and don’t be too shy to ask for a sample.

Here are my Fave Foundations for Sheer, Matte and Full Coverage:

Sheer- Chantecaille, Just Skin
Chantecaille- available at Mecca Cosmetica

Medium- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
Giorgio Armani- available at David Jones Stores

Full-  Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup
Estee Lauder- available at