September 06 2013

Lighting Know How

David Justice from Ambience Lighting Australia, has shed some light on some of Australia’s most popular retail stores such as Ralph Lauren, NIKE, sassandbide and MARCS as well as luxe homes and cool office spaces. WY? asked this talented lighting expert to shine a spotlight on the latest trends in all things bright and beautiful…

What are current trends/popular looks for interior lamps and feature lighting?
Raw & recycled materials with a refined and elegant finish- e.g. mild steel, blackbutt timber, American oak, copper, bamboo and hand crafted wool. Colours currently trending are 1920’s and South American colour palettes.

Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to lighting design for homes and retail?
Our philosophy is “Create The World You Want”.  For retail and office environments, it’s about understanding a vision, the brand, their product and their audience. For a personal home or space, the design and inspiration comes from identifying what their ideal environment would look and feel like.

Some of my current inspiration comes from:

-       Modernist architecture such as Le Corbusier
-       Classic fashion/industrial designers such as Dieter Rams & Bausch & Lomb.
-       One of my favourite blogs
-       I also get inspired by clever, luxurious visual merchandising like Ralph Lauren and local Melbourne artisans and creatives such as Duro Cubrilo

What is your advice for choosing the latest in energy-saving globes and lighting options?
Finding the balance between efficiency, function and aesthetic is crucial.  A lot of efficient products such as new technology LED’s reduce on-going maintenance costs but have poor colour characteristics.  Colour choice is crucial in a home to maintain a warm, homely and luxurious feel and in an office to keep staff motivated and happy whilst ensuring high retention rates. Stick to well-known brands such as Philips, Tridodic & Osram. Make sure all efficient products come with associated technical data and warranty info. Key is lots of research or find a lighting expert to guide you through the right options for you, your brand or your home.

Who is your go-to electrician and installation team of experts for special projects?
Electrician: Matt Watson from MPW Electrical

Installation/Fabrication/Design: Ambience Lighting Australia
(03) 9486 3699

Shopfitters: Scott Emery ,YVS Shopfitters

Visual Merchandising: Antelope Creative