September 13 2012

We spend over a third of our lives in our bedrooms so, before you hibernate, why not make it a better, brighter, cleaner space.

WINDOW: Open your windows to let the breeze in for 20 minutes every day. This will prevent dust mites and bacteria from thriving in the warmth.

PILLOWS: Your pillow is where hair, moisturiser and sweat build up and can become a playground for bacteria, dead skin cells and bugs. A dirty pillow can even cause acne. Make sure you put yours in the wash at least once a fortnight, long before it acquires that musty smell. 

SHEETS: How often should we wash our sheets? At least once a week, and if you’ve been sick with the flu, clean your sheets and pillowcase as soon as you get better to prevent others from catching it.

MATTRESS: Make sure you strip your sheets and vacuum your mattress twice a year to eliminate dust mites that can trigger asthma and allergies. Vacuum your carpet and wipe your floorboards at least once a week – moths have a habit of laying eggs in warm, damp spots under the bed.