September 06 2013

Moving house doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think. WY? consulted a relocation specialist and created the ultimate MOVING HOUSE CHECKLIST. With good preparation and organisation (as well as your sense of humour and cool head in tact) we guarantee a smooth move to your new abode…

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1. Cluttered Space, Cluttered Mind
Moving is a great incentive to cleanse! Bookshelves, drawers, cupboards and the garage all hoard unnecessary items. Rule of thumb- if you didn’t wear it last season, you definitely won’t wear it this season!

Rent A Skip

2. Label Love
Make sure you have plenty of supplies before you get started such as strong boxes, packing tape, newspaper for wrapping and a thick marker to label everything. Contact a recommended & trustworthy removalist company.

Melbourne Removalist- WY? Recommends…
Rhino Removalists- 8838 8962

Sydney Removalist- WY? Recommends…
Rex Removals- 1800 170 081
BoxnGoBoxes- 1300 269 646

3. Connect & Disconnect
Make a list of all the services that need to be reconnected or transferred to your new address. Top of the must-do list are Gas, Electricity, Water, Internet and PayTV which need to be sorted before you move & organise a Change of Address service- don’t want to miss your mag subscriptions!

Connect Now- 1300 554 323

Personalised moving announcement cards…
Olive and Star

4. Helping Hands
Book a cleaning service to take care of your old digs once the move is complete.

Other services you may need to consider are ute or truck hire, furniture hire and storage or someone to help you unpack and share the load.

Sorting Spaces- 0412 658 398
Absolute Domestics Cleaning Service- 1300 364 646