Meaty musts…

February 20 2014

At WY? quality, price and ethical farming practices are important to us when stocking up on meaty favourites and these five meat-centric masters are the best in the biz…Add these to your address book and notice the difference in quality and taste come dinner time…


“This is my one-stop shop for all our organic meat and poultry needs; the guys who work here always know their stuff. An added plus is that they deliver when we’re in a bind.”
Jessica Greenland, Who’s Your? Co-founder, Content and Operations Director

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“Peter Bouchier is an old school butcher who knows his meat – we have been using him since we started our catering company 25 years ago. The staff are great and know everything about how to cook their seriously beautiful meat!” Chyka Keebaugh, Director at Big Group and Design Depot  Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 4.00.35 pm

“Gary does amazing aged beef, his famous salt bush lamb and mouthwatering sausages for the Barbie, not to mention that Gary and his team are seriously lovely and happy to do anything for you.” Skye Tipler, Founder of Who’s Your?

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“They sell grass-fed and free range meat and many Paleo friendly ingredients, as well as this they sell ready meals like bone broth, salads and healthy dinners. It’s a family run business and Dominic is very passionate about health and wellness.”  Irena Marci, Recipe Developer and Cookbook Author

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“Penny’s is your go to place for the specialist cuts of meat for that special dinner party, never cheap but truly amazing quality” Tessa White, Founder of Down That Little Lane

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