Nature’s Healing Power

July 09 2015


Between work, family and friends, we have enough on our plates on a daily basis without aches and pains getting in the way of our schedules! Headaches and period pain can have us regularly reaching for the Panadol for a quick fix all too often – a recent study from Priceline showing that every year, each of us swallows a whopping 149 painkillers. Not ideal!

Luckily, there are natural alternatives that can help us combat the two most common complaints by women, that won’t have any accumulative side effects, and may be more effective in providing long-term relief.  Make the most of what nature has to offer, and get back to your routine pain free and feeling fabulous naturally with these quick tips.


Quick Fix: Lavender Oil not only smells amazing, but also is known for its anti-inflammatory characteristics and its ability to dilate blood vessels. Massaging into the temples or inhaling this essential oil can relieve headaches and migraines, letting you get on with the more important things in your day.

Break the cycle: The benefits of Chinese acupuncture have been reported for centuries, especially in the treatment of headaches. According to ancient beliefs, acupuncture works by affecting the flow of energy, called “qi,” through pathways that run through the body. Pop an appointment in your diary instead of popping a painkiller, because weekly needle jabs are a first-rate formula in relieving long-term pain.

Period Pain

Quick Fix: We all know how painful ‘that time of the month’ can really be, so a natural, botanical remedy should be on the top of every woman’s shopping list. Ginger eases pain similarly to over the counter painkillers, without the side effects on the digestive system and liver. Ginger tablets will deliver a therapeutic dose of pain relief, and if you commonly experience menstrual cramps it’s best to begin taking ginger in the days leading up to your period for pain prevention.

Break the Cycle: Too much salt and processed sugar in your everyday diet can worsen stomach cramps, as can caffeine due to the compound xanthine, which aggravates inflammation. By skipping your morning coffee during your period and introducing healthier snacks your pain should be significantly reduced. Upping your broccoli intake can also help, as it has numerous hormone-balancing properties.