650 Million Reasons to Drink Water!

As Australians, we’re a lucky country – we have beautiful landscapes, a safe country free from way and safe access to water with the turn of a faucet. For millions around the globe however, this isn’t a reality – safe water is essential for life and good health, yet 650 million people worldwide don’t have access to it! WaterAid Australia is striving to close the gap on world water inequality, with their Water Challenge being held this March (coinciding with World Water Day on March 22nd). With the choice to ‘Drink Just Water’ for 14 or 30 days in March, or get active and ‘Walk For Water’ between 14th and 20th March, Austr


How to Pack like a Pro: Travel Tips Every Fashionista Needs To Know!

One of the most exciting (but often stressful!) things about heading off on holiday is deciding what to wear… Perhaps you’re after the perfect striped boat-neck top for your picture in Paris, or a quintessential printed kaftan for your tropical getaway – but how to keep them wrinkle free and ready to parade? WY? gathered the best tips for packing a punch – fashion wise! Overpackers, you’ve been warned! Try to plan your outfits in advance, thinking about your activities for each day of the trip (occasional dressing, anyone?) and see where you can avoid doubling up, as well as reworking items to match different outfits. Weather


The Pros of Pilates – mat vs reformer

Pilates has long been a welcome addition to team WY?’s fitness regime, providing a whole body workout that targets and strengthens core muscles (even the tiny ones you didn’t know you had!), promotes lean muscle tone, increases flexibility, while connecting the mind to the body through particular breathing patterns. So is it best to take it to the mat or strap in to the reformer bed to reap the many benefits of Pilates? While both forms will deliver the pros of Pilates, there are positives to each style. Mat Pilates classes are generally more accessible, with most gyms having mat Pilates classes as part of their schedule, without ne


How to handle hotel hiccups and other travel tips

Collecting more stamps in her passport than most, photographer and travel blogger Rhiannon Taylor has visited some of the most desirable locations and stayed at some seriously luxe hotels. As a seasoned expert in all things travel, we asked Rhiannon her go-to advice on all things travel – from wrangling an upgrade (easier said than done!) to navigating some of the hiccups that can occur in your dream trip! A travel photographer and blogger, you spend a lot of time on a plane! What tips do you have for; Getting some good sleep on a flight? The not-so miracle cure for this is to book your butt a lie-flat seat. Unfortunately that is

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley’s Tips for a Healthy and Happy Life…

International model, new mum to baby Ripley, writer, advocate for women, swimwear designer, cookbook author, food blogger, photographer… is there anything Aussie babe Robyn Lawley can’t do? Who’s Your? was thrilled to chat with Robyn on her new ambassador role for Fruit Juice Australia, as well as get her tips on living a healthy and happy life – from how she stays fit, to her go-to healthy dinners. For a life as successful and happy as hers, we’re all ears! Robyn’s favourite ways to stay active… Anything high-intensity! Kickboxing sprints, spinning, or hiking! Robyn on her ambassadorship with Fruit Juice Australia


Beauty, not the beast

Christmas shopping, work functions, family gatherings…it’s no wonder our skin starts to lose its glow come December. We all know that stress ages us, but it’s nothing that a bit of self-lovin’ cant fix – or at least keep at bay.  It’s time to give yourself a little pre-Christmas gift – there’s nothing like a spot of pampering to make you appreciate the present! So here’s our gift to you. The best beauty bars according to the ‘who’s who’ of Australia, so you can be the belle of the ball and shine as bright as the star on top of the tree! With a little help from the experts, you will be blemish-free and luminescent f


Make Me Merry, Make Me Up!

With the silly season almost upon us, and our social calendars filling up as fast as our champagne flutes will be… it pays to take the stress out of being party ready! Having a professional on-call to get your Christmas-time glam on not only adds to the party fun, but definitely takes one more ‘to-do’ off your list! WY? have selected the top recommended makeup artists who glitz up the go-getters, the socialites, the fashionistas and the who’s who of Australia!


Top tips to free your financial fears and increase your purse performance!

If you are an Australian woman, you can expect to live five years longer than your male companions.[1] However, don’t celebrate just yet because, statistically speaking, you can’t afford those extra years or even to retire at all. We hate to sound all doomsday, but it is time to face the facts - despite women living longer than ever, they are being crippled by financial inequality. “In order to change these statistics, women need to take back control of their finance,” says Penny Collicoat, Founder of Women with Edge, a boutique financial planning firm for women. Collicoat believes too many women are not taught about money m


There’s no X in Espresso! Craft the perfect Espresso Martini with WY?

Inspired by our interview with Jaye Rakos and her love for a delicious espresso martini from iconic Melbourne bar, Borsche, Vodka and Tears, we’ve got the taste for all things espresso! Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recounts the origin of the famous cocktail with this naughty anecdote… “Created in ‘80s Soho, London, by cocktail legend Dick Bradsell, the story goes that a delightful young lady entered his bar and asked Dick to make her a drink that “wakes me up and then [insert expletive here] me up”   A perennial favourite, espresso martinis are smooth, indulgent and are perfect as a post-dinner drink at your next d


5 spring cooking ‘in season’ tips with superstar chef Poh Ling Yeow

TV phenomenon Poh Ling Yeow shot to fame as the runner-up in 2009’s MasterChef Australia and is now widely known as the master of Chinese-Malaysian traditional and fresh food. Poh shares her tips on how best to cook fresh this Spring!  1. If you’ve always dreamt of growing your own food, spring is the perfect time to have a red hot go at digging yourself a little vege patch. If you get the kids involved in the planting and tending, you’ll be flabbergasted at what they’re willing to eat when they’ve had a hand in raising the crop. 2. One of the things I love about spring is spring vegetables! Try something like a creamy, white