New Season Additions to Style Your Home With This Weekend!

After chatting with the ever-stylish Hunting For George girls this week, the WY? team were inspired to put together a couple of our favourite interior pieces currently in stores to help update your space…and we’re here to prove that you don’t need to max out your credit card to have a chic and elegant home. Burn, baby, burn… The obsession with candles is going nowhere, if anything its just getting stronger with new and exciting candle designs being released every other day. From cocktail scented, to charcoal infused, the options are endless. This month, the team at WY? are loving these marble candles by The Luxuriate. No longer


5 Wearable Looks To Try Straight From Fashion Week!

International celeb hair stylist and founder of Raw Salon, Anthony Nader, shares his favourite looks from the latest international runways! The last couple of weeks my eyes have been glued to my trusted laptop screen, watching the live streams come in from the Fashion Weeks around the globe. The Spring Summer shows are always refreshing to see compared to the other seasons as the hair is always gleaming and exudes a healthiness, which I know women love to embrace. The hair for this season is uber cool, relaxed and replicates soft baby hair and with that comes an innocence I guess...does that sound crazy? I think not! Here are my top fi

leather jacket

Luxe Leather 101: How to Make Your Leather Last

At WY?, we’re all for quality over quantity – especially when it comes to fashion. Investing in high-quality, classic pieces that will last you a lifetime is beneficial in the long run for not only your wallet, but also the environment. On many a woman’s lust-lust is a classic leather piece, be it an always-chic biker jacket, or leather skirt. There’s something about leather that is timeless, adding an edge to even the most simple of outfits. Once you’ve acquired your leather, it’s important to make it last and care for it correctly – you’ve no doubt got a sister or daughter who’s already eyeing it off for a rare han


Feel the freedom of flotation with the latest wellness therapy

The new wave of medicine has definitely gone a-la-natural, and we love it! But with an endless list of different methods from different cultures for a myriad of problems, it’s hard to stay on top of all the latest therapy trends. Floatation therapy, a version of balneotherapy is the latest craze – and for good reason! Floating in a warm, serene tank of water loaded with Epsom salts and minerals isn’t only relaxing; it provides a host of other benefits for both mind and body. Known as the art of water therapy, balneotherapy involves bathing in healing minerals such as Epson salts and lavender oil to provide relief from body ache


The French Facialist’s fresh-faced travel tips!

Your trip has been planned for months, your bags are packed and your passport is ready – you’re all set! One aspect of travel you may not have considered is the stressful impact airplane travel can have on your skin. The low humidity in airplane cabins coupled with the recycled air-conditioning can wreak havoc on the skin, making dry skin drier and oily skin even oilier. Skin dehydration and breakouts are often an unwelcome guest once you arrive at your destination, but they needn’t be with these expert tips for all phases of your trip from Christine Clais, aka The French Facialist. Tried and tested over several years of flying back


Think positive with these pieces of good food news!

With summer just around the corner, diets and health fads are on every magazine page and are flooding our Instagram feed – which we all know don’t result in true health and wellbeing! Constantly being bombarded with ‘don’t eat this, don’t do this’ can often have us spiralling out of control before day 3 of our attempt to make healthier choices. So instead of yelling out all the negatives, we thought we would try the contrary and give you some good food news that will have you feeling better about your pledge to get bikini body ready – positive thoughts lead to positive actions! Good food news #1 – Wine time win: This


5 secrets to unlocking your inner creative at work

It’s easy to get caught up in the mindless, creativity-killing routine of: wake up, go to work, go home, eat and repeat. Keep this up and you’ll find yourself prone to bouts of sluggish un-motivation at work, coupled with creativity blocks that prevent you from reaching your full potential, in and out of the office! But today is where it stops! Instead of going through the motions, it’s time to let your creativity flow. So where to start? Digital creative company Brit + Co have inspired us with their advice on releasing your inner #girlboss and boost your productivity at work, whilst simultaneously have you feeling happier and


Snap Happy Weddings: 10 stunning wedding images to inspire love & fun!

After being inspired by this week’s Who’s Your? interview with Emily Abay and her beautiful images (get lost in her work on Instagram), we’re on a photo high here at WY? HQ! The office is also abuzz with all things bridal, as our Design Director counts down to her summer wedding in Melbourne’s picturesque Yarra Valley.And of course, your wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of your big day. Receiving your images is often such an exciting time for newlyweds, and they reminisce on their special moments together, and even see parts of the reception they missed - their guests having fun and other moments taking place


To have and to hold: A guide to caring for your forever handbag

Image Credit: The Vault Online After chatting with France Colignon this week and spending hours browsing and dreaming of the amazing designer bags on her website Cosette, we’ve been inspired. Once you make the purchase of that clutch or tote that you’ve been lusting over for weeks, it’s important to take care of it as if it were your own child. Extreme? Perhaps, but all true handbag lovers will understand. To justify spending some serious dollars on an accessory, it is imperative to prolong the life of your bag for as long as possible. Make sure your luxe new leather can be passed down to your daughter (or stolen by your sister!


Bless this Mess

If, like us, you’ve had a case of the winter blues, you’ll be happy to see some warmer days coming our way. What better way to bring in spring, than with some cleaning, reorganising and uncluttering to freshen up your home? We’ve put together a list of the best go-to people, to give you a hand in channelling your inner Martha Stewart and reaping the rewards of streamlined and clean spaces! For tidying and organising the house, Carolyn Creswell is totally addicted to getting Marie Rizk at Sorting Spaces to tidy her drawers, wardrobes and bookshelves back to perfection. For those little bits and pieces around the house that you just