Nourishment for Vitality

October 02 2014

Cassie Mendoza_ProfilePic1000pxBy Cassie Mendoza-Jones

What is vitality? What is nourishment? These words mean different things to each of us, but let me tell you what they mean to me. Vitality means waking up each and everyday with a bounce in your step, a sparkle in your eye, a glow in your skin, and an open heart. Nourishment means being able to infuse your life with things that lift you up; healthy, delicious food, functional and natural movement, sunshine, herbal medicine and teas, rest, sleep, self-care, laughter and love.

To infuse your life with nourishment is to enjoy a life of vitality, so let’s dive into how you can incorporate all the elements of a nourishing life into your plan for wellness and a vibrant existence!

Eating for nourishment

Eating to nourish your body will look different to everyone. For most of my clients, it means eating a wholefood diet that feels nourishing to them, where there is still room for some healthy treats on the side. A nourishing diet isn’t just about healthy food for your body, but also about eating to nurture your soul. Are you tired of dieting yet?

- Don’t skip meals as you’ll only eat more later when you realise how hungry you are!
- Plan ahead: shop each Sunday for the week, make your lunch with leftovers from dinner, prepare some healthy snacks (hummous + carrot sticks, yoghurt + berries, corn thins + almond butter) so they’re in easy reach when you’re hungry
- Give yourself a treat meal each week. Nourishing your soul is as important as nourishing your body

Moving for nourishment

Are you bored of the same routine yet? Get out of your body rut and move in a way that feels good to you. Add in variety to your current exercise regime – no longer do you have to make friends with treadmills. Try making friends with yoga, beach or nature walks, hiking trails and even a nice jog around your neighborhood. Throw in some high intensity bursts and some gentle stretching to help release toxins and get your blood flowing, and you’ll soon feel and notice the difference.

- Plan your exercise each week as an ‘appointment’ so you’re more likely to stick with it
- Make a yoga date with a friend so you’re more likely to go
- Hire a personal trainer or join a functional fitness group class to get re-inspired

Self-care for nourishment

Looking after yourself used to have a negative connotation of being selfish, but not anymore. If you ‘fill your cup‘ then you are more able to give to others, without depleting your own energy stores. You have permission to look after yourself and incorporate activities that allow you to slow down and introspectively assess what’s needed into your everyday life. This may be a little sleep-in, or an early morning beach walk, a late night yoga class, or early to bed with a great new novel. Self-care will look different to everyone but there’s no denying it’s an integral part of a nourished and vital mind, body and spirit, and life.

- Choose something you love to do, e.g. buy a new book, get a manicure or blow dry… then give yourself permission to do this every week or so
- Give yourself one whole day off per week to do nothing and just relax with people you love
- Invest in some self-care, such as a massage, kinesiology or some other healing therapy to help you feel brand new

 Vitality for nourishment

So you can see how changing little things in your everyday life can increase your vitality, simply by making the effort to nourish every part of your mind, body and spirit. Take it slow, move your body in a way that is enjoyable, and immerse yourself in a mindset that allows for self-care and nourishment and you’ll soon reap the benefits.

Cassie will also be speaking at The Vitality Show on the Empowerment Stage at 11.30am on Saturday 11th October.