Abroad June 27 2012

Amelia Coote brings runway reports, street chic snaps and wardrobe must haves from all over the globe to Who’s Your? First stop Paris.

Angelina….Paris’ chocolat chaud and Mont Blanc institution. Next to worlds best book store Gagliani

Dad had one in 1972 and had one everytime he went to Paris which was often….perhaps too often!

Forget lining up with the tourist at Louis Vuitton. Goyard is the pinnacle and any stylish woman of the world knows this is where you get your monogrammed vinyl luggage, totes and even spoilt pet accessories….

One of the Le Louvre girls favorite Paris shops. Astier de Villate make the most beautiful hand made French crockery, glass ware and candles. We loved it so much we got Charlotte Coote Interiors to start importing it for us. She stocks the best of it. I was lucky enough to get some beautiful and cherished pieces for my wedding presents.

We eat here most days…This restaurant is the fashion packs favourite. During fashion weeks it is literally cheek to jowl with editors, bloggers, models, photographers and buyers. Try to get a seat (or stand) at the bar for a Caprese salad… It’s a great spot to get first hand info on what’s hot out there in Fashion land.

Montaigne Market has a fabulous edit of the best brands in the world. They carry very similar brands to Le Louvre so we always call in and see if they are onto something new. They have a particularly interesting  jewelry cabinet.

Not unusual to find Karl Lagerfeld at the cash register with arm fulls of extraordinary books… After his MontBlanc at Angelina my father would buy a dozen books here and ship them home to Ireland. There about 10,000 books in his library….

If vintage is your thing – then this is Mecca. It’s brimming  with Givenchy from the 60′s. Pucci from the 70′s and Prada from the 90′s - Didier Ludot is it and a bit. (I spotted an old pair of patent pumps I have since given away… I want them back now).

….If you need to send that lucky lady flowers in Paris then start saving because she will want them  from here. Go for the roses, they are the big floppy old fashioned kind in extraordinary colors – they aren’t like anything else. I took inspiration from their windows for the flowers in the church at my wedding…visit Hotel Costes