Preparing for the perfect interview – according to science!

July 23 2015

Job hunting is exhausting. Spending hours browsing online only to find jobs that aren’t quite right can leave you feeling uninspired, so when you do find ‘The One’ and you secure that coveted interview, make sure you’re prepared for everything they may throw at you, to ensure your best performance…and land the job.

“The best preparation for good work tomorrow, is to do good work today.” With that inspiration in mind, here’s our best advice (and scientific research) on what you should do right before you walk through the door to meet your new boss – like our optimism?

Get in first.

The early bird gets the worm – even in the interview world. Make an impression first up and set the bar high for everyone else going for the job. A study from Psychological Science found that interviewers evaluate applicants based on the performance of previous applicants seen in the same day. So knock them off their feet at the beginning of the day so they can’t forget your performance.

Practise your speed.

Butterflies, racing heartbeat and the OMG-I-can’t-breathe feeling often kick in right before a critical interview. They can leave you lost for words and talking at the speed of a turtle, or worse, rambling too fast, which is one of the most obvious signs of anxiety – according to research by the Journal of Business and Psychology. 

By practicing your response speed, you will come across more confident and intelligent; sure to impress the interviewer. Also, if you’re subject to nerves – skip your morning coffee that day!

Look the part.

As much as we want to think that looks don’t matter, they do, especially when it comes to first impressions at job interviews. Your future employer assesses your dress, grooming and handshake as a potential future representation of their company. Studies show that 73% of employers say that grooming has a strong influence on their opinion in an interview.

Simply shining your shoes and getting a hair cut or blow wave, may be the difference between you and the next applicant, as well as giving you an extra boost of confidence!