September 06 2013

Introducing Pookinuk, a premium online destination for all things pet. With a home delivery service to anywhere in Australia, choose from quality pet food and healthcare, to designer accessories and even pet insurance. Pookinuk is the WY? go-to for taking care of our pets- inside and out.

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WY? asked Pookinuk founder Richard Templeton his top tips for keeping your furry friends warm this winter:

- If your pet sleeps outside, make sure their bed is off the floor and they have a roof protecting them for the elements.

- Your pet burns more calories in winter (trying to stay warm) so you are able to feed them a little more food during the winter months.

- Try to keep your dogs coat longer in winter and shorten the length of time your pet spends outdoors in the cold weather.

- Short haired dogs and little or skinny dogs should all have a jumper or coat to keep them warm during the colder months, especially overnight.

- Older dogs should spend more time in the warm indoors.

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